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Monday, 26 June 2017

Kaakarakaya Ulli Kaaram (Bitter-Gourd Spicy Onion Gravy)

Rayalaseeema Special - Kaakaraya Ulli Kaaram
காகரகாய உள்ளி காரம்

This recipe is again from Rayalaseema village recipe being made with Bitter-Gourd especially with Onion and Chilly Powder with no major other ingredients except for tempering.  This would go good with Plain Rice and other Major dishes.  Please try and get us your feedback in the group.

Bitter Gourd - 3 nos (medium long size)
Pyaaz (Onion) - 4 nos (Big size - finely chopped)
Green chilly - 3 to 4 nos
Curry leaves - 2 arcs
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
Red Spicy Chilly powder - 1 & half tsp
For tempering - Mustard seeds, urud dal and channa dhal
Salt as required
Oil - 100 to 150 ml
(Oil is more required for this special dish)

Finely chop onions, add salt, turmeric and chilly powder, mix well.  Meanwhile peel outer skin of bitergourd, cut into 3 pieces and remove seeds.  Stuff this onion mixture inside and keep the remaining.

In a non-stick  kadai add more oil 100-150ml, temper mustard seeds, urd and channa dal, add slitted green chillies, add curry leaves and place the stuffed karela in the pan.  Once half cooked, add the remaining onion mixture, add little water, mix well and cover with lid for 10-15 mins until cooked.  Remove lid and mix well and sprinkle water if necessary.  Check salt for taste.  Cover again and cook for 5 mins until Bittergourd is fully cooked.  Your spicy Rayalaseema Special Kaakarakaya Ulli-Karam is ready to serve with any main courses.

Serve with Pride...!! Serve with Joy...!!

Kaakarakaya Pulusu

Ananthapur Special Kaakarakaaya Pulusu
அனந்தப்பூர் ஸ்பெஷல் காகரக்காயா புலுசு

This is a special dish from Ananthapur of Rayalaseema, Andrapradesh. Kaakarakaaya is nothing but our Pagarkkai (Bitter-Gourd), which is a semi gravy recipe. Normally Pulusu would be watery. But the speciality of this Kaakarakaya Pulusu of Ananthapur would be Semi-Gravy, which goes very yummy with boiled rice or as a side dish too. Since this contains Garlic, Ginger and Onion as main ingredients, those who dont like can stay away. I got this recipe from one of my friend from Andhra Pradesh on phone today and just posting it. Will make video and post in due course of time. Meanwhile, please try this special recipe and let us have your feedback.

Ingredients : Cut 4 bitter-gourd into slices, boil in water along with little turmeric and salt, drain it and have a shallow fry in oil and keep ready.

Other ingredients are :- Salt, 2 green chillies, 2 dried red chillies, Oil as required, Ginger-Garlic Paste, Jeera, Chopped coriander leaves, Curry leaves, Turmeric powder and Chily powder 1 tsp each, 1-Tomato, finely chopped, 1/2 inch size Jaggery, Thick tamarind Juice, 4 nos sliced onions (Round shaped) and Masala Paste.

Masala Paste : 1-Onion, 1-Tomato, Cinnamon, Cloves each 2 or 3 pieces, Coriander Powder 2 tsp, Grated Coconut 1/4 cup. Grind all the above with water to a paste and keep ready.

In a kadai, add oil, splutter mustard seeds, jeera, curry leaves, add green chilly, red chilly, Onion and cook well. Once cooked now add Cooked Bitter-gourd and saute well. Add Chilly powder, turmeric powder and mix well and allow to cook. Then add the Masala paste, ginger-garlic paste and saute well, until raw smell goes. Now add the thick squeezed tamarind juice, add required salt and allow to cook for 5 mins in medium flame. Add jaggery, mix well and serve hot.

your Special Ananthapur Kaakarakaya Pulusu is ready...!!!!
Serve with Pride... Serve with Joy...!!!

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Moth Beans / Chenna Masala Gravy

Moth Beans / Chenna Masala Gravy
Posted by : Krithiga Sathya Narayanan
Posted on : 15/06/2017

Moth beans / thattai payaru ( small size) -1/2 cup
Brown Chenna-1/2 cup
Red chilly powder 
Turmeric powder 
Dhaniya powder
Mango powder 
Chenna Masala powder 
Whole garam masala 
Cumin seeds 
Green chilly-1

Preparation Method.
1. Soak moth bean and Chenna overnight. Cook for 6 whistles. 
2. In a kadai, add oil and ghee. Add cumin seeds, bay leaf, cardamom, Cloves, cinnamon sticks. 
3. Grind onion, green chilly, garlic and ginger. Add this paste. 
4. Cook till raw smell goes. 
5. Add tomato purée. Add salt. Add all powders. Let the oil comes out. Then add cooked Chenna and beans. Add enough water. Let it cook for 10 minutes. Garnish with coriander leaves..!

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Millets Adai

Traditional Siruthaniya Adai (Millets Adai)

This is one of the best food which our grannies had to sustain good health. The main reason for having these millets into our food is as follows.

Kezhviragu & Kambu : reduces cholesterol
Kudhiravaali : Controls heart diseases
Kezhviragu : Rich in fiber & controls sugar
Saamai : maintains good Spinal chord
Varagu : Reduces weight & Stress remover.

Millets (Siruthaaniya) Adai : 
Soak 200gms of Kambu, Kezhviragu, Solam, Kollu, pasi-payaru, Kudiravaali, Saamai, varagu and Urud dhal and 5 tsp of Kondakadalai for 8 hours. Grind along with Ginger, Garlic, Salt and Red chilly. No fermentation is required. Mix fresh drumstick leaves to the batter and make Adai. (You can mix finely chopped onions to the batter if you wish for further taste). Serve hot with spicy red / green chutney.

Especially kids will love this combinatin of food and make them hale and healthy. This is best for aged person to maintain their good health. Twice a week would defenitely change your health sustainable. Try and get us your feed back.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Alu Wadi (Pathra)

Recipe : Alu wadi (Pathra)
Posted by : Annapoorani Ganesan
Posted on : 06/06/2017

Colocasia leaves(Arbi ka pathha) 10
Jaggery 1 tab sp
Tamarind Pulp 2 tab sp
Red Chilli powder 2 tsp
Haldi powder 1 tsp
Khuskhus 1 tsp
Coriander powder 2 tsp
Sesame seeds 1 tsp
Jeera 1 tsp
Besan 2 cups
Salt to taste.(app 2tsp)

Method  :  Wash the leaves and pat them dry. Remove the stems and trim the veins which are a little thick. (Use rolling pin to flatten).  This makes its easier to roll them.  First dry fry the besan in a pan into aroma comes.  After cooling,  Take a bowl, add tamarind water haldi powder, chilli powder, daniya powder, garam masala powder, jeera powder,jaggery,salt and besan and mix. If it is too runny add a little more besan, the consistency should not be runny.  

Take a leaf. Place is on a plain surface such that the darker side is downwards and the lighter side is upwards also the narrow tip should face towards you. Now apply a thin layer of the mixture evenly. Place another leaf in the same way but this time the narrow tip should be in the opposite direction. Repeat for 4 to 5 leaves.

Now fold from left up to middle then from right up to middle. Apply the paste on all folded portion.  Now Roll tightly from top to bottom and keep aside. If you feel its unrolling tie a string around it so that the roll doesn't unfold.  Grease the plate of the steamer. Put the roll in a cooker and steam for 20 to 30 mins. Roll them in khuskhus and let them cool. (You can keep in refrigerator) remove and cut into rolls.  Heat oil in a pan,add jeera and sesame seeds.  Add the rolls and shallo fry till crisp.   (Also you can deep fry.)

Special Potato Masala

Special Urulaikizhangu Masala.

Boil 2 big potatoes, peel skin, add pinch of turmeric powder, chilly powder to taste, chopped coriander leaves, 1/2 tsp of Garam masala Powder mash with hand and keep ready.

In a heavy bottom kadai, add oil, splutter mustard seed, add urud dal, channa dal, finely chopped onion, green chilly and chopped curry leaves and saute will until golden brown in medium flame. Now add seasame seeds and Saunf (Sombu) and mix well. Now add the mased & mixed potatoes to it. No water to be added. Saute well until cooked. and serve hot in the Leaves. 

This Special Urulukizhangu Masala served in Nagappattinam Mittai Kadai in South mada Street, Madurai.

Andhra Tomato Pappu

Andhra Tomato Pappu....
Tonight's Dinner special with Dosa.

Andhra Tomato Pappu : A simple authentic recipe from interior andhra pradesh not of our brahmins. But a cusine that goes very well with steamed rice, roti, chappati, etc.

Pressure cook 1 cup of Tur dhal, strain water, mash it and keep aside. In a kadai, add oil, splutter mustard seeds, cumin seeds, crushed garlic pods (5-6 nos), 2 slitted green chillies, 3 red chillies, and sliced onion one by one and saute until golden brown. Add tomato and mashed dhal, mix well, sprinkle turmeric powder, salt and mix well. Add 1 cup of strained dhal water, add curry leaves, mix well and keep in medium flamed covered with lid for next 3 - 4 minutes. Once cooked remove, garnish with finely chopped coriander leaves and serve hot. Your special Andhra Tomato Pappu is ready. A very easy, simple and tasty recipe.

Bangaladumpa Iguru

Today's 06/06/2017 special recipe is from interior Andhra Pradesh again. When I was studying in Rajahmundry during 1980, (37 years back), my mom used to do this Bangaladumpa Iguru (Potato Curry) on a regular basis. Yesterday while talking to one of my telugu student, I immediately got into mind and asked daughters, who told to prepare today, so that they can have for morning and afternoon lunch. Here is the recipe for authentic / special Bangaladumpa Iguru.

Potatoes - 3 (cut into cubes)
Onions - 4 (cut lengthwise)
Green chillies - 5 (slit lengthwise)
Curry leaves - 2 sprigs 
Coriander leaves - 3 sprigs (chopped finely)
Bay leaves - 4 
Cloves - 3 (lavangalu)
Dalchini - a small stick
Chilly powder - 1 tb sp
Turmeric powder - 1 t sp
Salt to taste
Oil - 2 tb sps
1 cups of water

In a kadai add oil, saute cloves, dalchini, bayleaves, green chillies, onion and curry leaves. Once onion is golden brown, add cubed / diced potatos, sprinkle turmeric and chilly powder and cover with lid and let it cook in medium flame for 2 to 3 mins. Remove lid, add 1 cup of water and bring to full boil until potatoes are cooked. This should reach a semi solid state like gravy. Once finished, remove and garnish with coriander leaves and serve with steamed rice, roti or chappathi. Your special Bangaladumpa Iguru is ready.

Kalyana Rasam

KALYANA RASAM Recipe with Powder
Posted by : Swaminatha Sharma
Posted on : 04/04/2017

Today I am to post the secret of making typical Kalyana Rasam. During my cooking days with my Chef during 1992, I learnt this recipe. The main secret of flavour / aroma lies with the making of the Typical Kalyana Rasam, which is given below. (i Never revealed this secret till now to my wife or my daughter who is pursuing Chef course)...

The secret of Kalyana Rasam Powder lies with the ingredients which we grind. Here is the perfect measurement of Kalayana rasam powder... 
கடலைப் பருப்பு - அரை கப் | channa Dal - 1/2 cup
தனியா - 1 கப் | Dhaniya - 1 cup
மிளகாய் வற்றல் - 2 | Red chilly - 2 nos
மிளகு, சீரகம், - 1 ஸ்பூன் | Pepper & Jeera - 1 spoon
மஞ்சள் தூள், பெருங்காயம் - 1 ஸ்பூன் | Turmeric powder & Asafoetida - 1 tsp
This is the ratio for grinding the Rasam Powder... This has to dry roasted in a kadai and allowed to cool and powdered in mixie and kept ready.

Now bring to boil Tamarind juice along with turmeric and Kal-Uppu (Salt). Once boiled, add cooked / mashed Tur dal, add chopped 1 no tomato and bring to full boil again. Once everything is cooked, add the grinded powder and mix well and add adjust salt to taste and Water to its consistency.... Ellam kan thittam thaan.... Once starts to boil, switch off, temper with Mustard seed and Curry leaves and garnish with more chopped coriander leaves. Your yummy / special Kalyana Rasam is ready to serve with steamed Rice.