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Friday, 29 September 2017

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Ayudha Puja Celebrations


Today 29/09/2017 between 5-6 pm on auspicious GURU Hora, Ayudha Pooja celebrations at Aaharam Factory @ Puducherry. Prayed for well being of all our Aaharam members and for our Home made Products growth. Your blessings / wishes / greetings to all our members and our products are being sought now. Please bless us and all our co-members and co-admins for their bright future.


Methi Corn Pulav - மெத்தி கார்ன் புலாவ்

Methi Corn Pulav - மெத்தி கார்ன் புலாவ் 
Posted by Krithiga Sathya Narayanan
Posted on 25/09/2017

Rice-2 cups 
Methi- 1 cup
Corn-1/2 cup
Ginger and garlic paste
Green chilly paste
Turmeric powder
Red chilly powder
Cumin powder
Coriander powder( each 1/2 tea spoon)
Garam masala- 1 tea spoon 
Cinnamon stick -1
Bay leaf -1
Jeera-1 teaspoon 
1. Soak rice for 30 minutes. In a kadai add oil and butter. Add whole garam masala. Then add onion, then gg paste, green chilly paste. 
2. Add tomato. Then Methi leaves, corn. Mix well. Add all powders, soak rice, salt and 3 cups water. Close the lid and cook for one whistle. Remove and cool . Gently mix with fork.

Chettinad Special Karakuzhambu - செட்டிநாடு ஸ்பெஷல் காரக்குழம்பு

Today's 27/09/2017 Recipe
Special Karaikudi Chettinad style Karakuzhambu
செட்டிநாடு ஸ்டைல் ஸ்பெஷல் காரக்குழம்பு 

This special Karaikudi Style Chettinad Karakuzhambu is made at many times to sustain good health. If any of the relatives are visiting home, this cuisine would form part in the food menu. The main reason to serve this Kuzhambu is that it just stops people from Ulcer of any types, for Pepper the main ingredient along with Garlic and Jeera and Gingelly oill in perfect ration blended and grinded. This recipe I got from my karaikudi friend now residing in Madurai with her family. Recipe given below

In a Kadai add gingelly oil 1 tsp, and fry pepper 1/2 tsp and Jeera 1/2 tsp, add chopped onion-4 nos, garlic pods 4 nos and grated coconut 2 tsp, until aroma arises. Allow to cool and grind to powder. In a boil, take tamarind juice, add chilly powder, turmeric powder 1/2 tsp each, dhaniya powder 2 tsp, and required Rock salt, and the Grinded Powder mix well in tamarind juice and keep redy. In a kadai, add gingelly oil 3 to 5 tsp or to your required level, temper mustard seed, asafoetida and curryleaves. Once tempered, add the mixed tamarind juice and keep in medium flame until oil ooze out, and forms on the top as layer. Your typical Chettinad style special Karakuzhambu is ready to serve with steamed rice. Goes yummy with potato fry / pappads etc.

Aalu Bhukkara - ஆலு புக்காரா

Today's 28/09/2017 Special Recipe
Aalu Bhukkara - ஆலு புக்காரா

Recipe ; Boil potatoes, allow to cool, peel skin, deep fry in oil and keep ready. In a kadai saute onion, green chilly, ginger and garlic pods, allow to cool, grind to paste and keep ready. In a mixer add a handful of cashews, grind to paste and keep ready. In a kadai, add butter / ghee and oil in equal proportions ( 1 tsp each ) and add the onion paste.. once thickens, add the cashew paste and fried potatoes... allow to boil.. now add chillly powder, turmeric powder, dhania and jeera powder according to your spicy level, mix well and medium cook for 3 to 5 mins. Remove lid, add finely chopped coriander leaves, fresh cream 3 tsp, butter 2 tsp and Kasuri methi 1 tsp.. mix well and serve hot with Roti / Naan / Phulkas of your choice. Goes yummy with Tawa Pulav also... 
Serve with Joy / Serve with Pride

Kovakkai Masala - கோவக்காய் மசாலா

Today's 29/09/2017 Special Recipe
Kovakkai Masala - கோவக்காய் மசாலா 
No-Onion / No-Garlic Recipe from Aaharam Kitchen

Cut 400 gms kovakkai in length and add 1 tsp of Chilly powder, 1/2 tsp of Turmeric Powder, 1tsp of Jeera Powder and required salt mix well and keep aside for 20 to 30 mins. Strain excess water oozed out. In a heavy bottom kadai, add gingelly oil, splutter mustard seeds, curry leaves, 1/2 tsp of asafoetida and add the vegetable. Cover with lid for 10 mins in medium flame, Remove lid and saute well in high flame until kovakkai turns crispy. Sprinkle a pinch of garam masala and Chopped coriander leaves (Optional) over it, toss up and serve piping hot with Steamed rice. 

Your yummy Aaharam's Special Kovakkai Masala is ready
Serve with Joy / Serve with Pride

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Pidi Kozhukattai

Special Fatafat Pidi Kozhukattai

Very simple.... Just take Boiled Rice and saute in high flame until aroma arises. Grind to fine powder in Flour Mill and keep in stock. Take 1 cup of Boiled Rice Flour, add chopped coconut, green chilly, finely chopped curry leaves and coriander leaves, and salt. In a kadai temper mustard seed, urud dal, channa dal, and asafoetida and add to the flour. Mix well with sprinkle of water and make it to Kozhukukatti and steam boil.... Your yummy Boiled Rice Pidi Kozhukattai is ready. Can make fatafat in 10-15 mins time, which is good for health too.. Kids like the aroma of the boiled rice and will sustain energy also for them.. This can be either morning tiffin or evening snacks also....

Navarathri Neivedhyam


Navarathri is celebrated for 9 days and traditionally the whole family gather to arrange the brightly colored dolls (Gombe/ Bombai) in a very artistic and presentable way. The house is decorated with colorful flowers and lights. Each house is greeted with a wonderful “kolam” or “Rangoli”. The emphasis is mainly given to Goddess Durga who depicts the evil being washed away by the good. In each state Navarathri is celebrated, where the concept remains the same, but the customs and tradition varies. Here I have compiled a list of Neivedhyams based on the day and the significance of the planets, which would be apt for the deities to be worshiped with our Neivedhyams and keeps us hale and healthy. Let us on this Navarathiri 2017 celebrate with the following neivedhyams and get the entire blessings on all these 9 days of Goddess - Durga / Lakshmi / Saraswathi.

Day-1 - Kumari @ Balatripurasundari
Kondakadalai Sundal

Day-2 - Trimurthi @ Gayathri Devi
Rava Kesari

Day-3 - Kalyani @ Annapurna Devi
Pongal / Sweet Pongal

Day-4 - Rohini @ Mahalakshmi
Ksheerannam (Rice boiled in Milk with Jaggery)

Day-5 - Kaalika @ Saraswathi Devi
Bengal Gram Sundal with coconut / Paasi Paruppu Sundal

Day-6 - Chandi @ Katyayani @ Lalitha Devi
Pacha Payaru Sundal / Puliyodharai

Day-7 - Saambhavi @ Sri Durgadevi
Lemon Rice / Kaaramani Sundal

Day-8 - Durga @ Mahishasuramarthini
Sweet Pongal / Channa Dal Sundal

Day-9 - Subathra @ Sri Rajarajeswari
Puliyodharai / Urud Dal Vadai

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Kitchen Tips # 27

Kitchen / Cooking Tips # 27

1. To prevent coconut oil from freezing in winters, add a little castor oil to it.
2. Store ginger under the soil to keep it fresh and take it out when needed.
3. To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes.
4. To get more juice out of fresh lemons, bring them to room temperature and roll them under your palm against the kitchen counter before squeezing.
5. Potatoes will remove food stains off your fingers. Just slice and rub raw potato on the stain and rinse with water.
6. To avoid tears in the eyes while chopping onions, soak them in cold water with their skins on for some time before cutting them.
7. If you have a problem opening jars: Try using latex dish washing gloves. They give a non-slip grip that makes opening jars easy.
8. If you accidentally over-salted a dish while it's still cooking, drop in a peeled potato -it absorbs the excess salt.
9. Used coffee powder and tea leaves are good for cleaning greasy vessels.
10. While cleaning vessels for better results, add a handful of common salt to the cleaning powder.
11. To easily remove burnt-on food from your frying pan, simply add a drop or two of dish soap and enough water to cover the bottom of the pan, and bring to a boil on the stove-top. Frying pan will be much easier to clean.
12. Do not throw away the skin of cardamoms. Mix it with tea leaves to get a cardamom flavour in your tea.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Dum Aalu - Kashmiri

Recipe for Dum Aloo - Kashmiri

Cook baby potatoes, allow to cool, peel skin, saute in a pan with 2 tsp of oil and keep aside ready.  In a wok, add oil, and add chopped tomatoes, saute well, allow to cool and grind to puree and keep ready.

Now in a Chinese Wok, add 2 tsp of Butter, add Lavang, tej patta, cardamon, bay leaves and add tomato puree and mix well.  Add little salt for tomato to cook well.  Add turmeric powder 1/4 tsp, Aaharam Special Chilly Powder (for exact colour) 1 tsp, coariander powder and cumin powder 3/4 tsp each and mix well.  Add the sauted potates and sprinkle water to cook well.  Now add remaining salt for its perfect taste.  Allow to cook for 3 mins.  Now add 1 tsp of Fresh cream (if not available) Fresh Curd and mix well.  Sprinkle 1/2 tsp of Garam Masala and 1 tsp of Kasuri Methi and mix well.  Remove and garnish with Coriander leaves and serve Hot with Roti / Phulka.  

(In this picture, Onion is sliced and place above only for Taking Picture)

This is no-onion No-Garlic recipe.
Serve with Joy, and Serve with Pride

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Millets Kozhukattai - சிறுதானிய கொழுக்கட்டை

This is a Healthy very Old Traditional Dish
Millets Pidi Kozhukattai - சிறுதானிய கொழுக்கட்டை.

150 gms of Karnini Health Powder
1/2 cup of grated coconut
3 Red Chillies, soaked & grinded to flakes.
1/2 tsp of Aaharam Asafoetida
1/2 tsp of Mustard seeds, Urud & Channa Dhal
1 arc of curry leaves finely chopped
Salt to Taste
Water as required
1 tsp of Chekku Ennai for tempering

In a bowl add powder, salt, coconut, grinded red chilly flakes.  Temper mustard seeds, urud & channa dhal, curry leaves, asafoetida and add to the flour.  Mix the flour, add water and make it into thick batter as we make for kozhukattai.  Now in a Idli cooker.. roll the batter to Kozhukattai and steam for 15 mins.. Your Nutritious / Traditional / Forgotten Pidi Kozhukattai Recipe is ready.  Serve with Joy and Serve with Pride.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Avani Avittam Wishes

Makhai - Ki - Kebab

Recipe for Makai-Ki-Kebab
Posted by Student Chef : Varshini
Posted on 05/09/2017

Get Fresh Sweet Corn, bring to boil, strain water and mash it.  Add finely chopped onion, table salt, chilly powder, green chilly, little turmeric powder, GM powder, squeeze a pinch of lemon, mix well and make into kebab of your choice and size.  Dip in Corn flour batter, roll on the bread crumbs / Semolina crumps and deep fry.  Serve hot with Tomato Ketchup.  
Serve with Joy 
Serve with Pride.