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Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Dal Bhukara

Dal Bhukara....  
An international famous recipe being invented by Mr. Imtiyaz Quareshi from Lucknow , (Aged-89) and Master Chef of ITC Hotels and an Padmashree Awardee.  This recipe is an unique recipe served in Bhukara Restaurant in ITC Maurya Sheraton, Delhi and has its own value due to the Black Urad Dal Lentils which is a part and parcel of our Tamilnadu Traditional food.  Have a visual treat please.

Recipe :  Serves for 4 people
Cooking Time : 1 hours 30 mins
Soak 150 gms Full back Urud Dal for 8 hours or more.  Pressure cook for 10 to 15 whistles.  Allow to cool.  Remove lid.  Add Tomato puree made of 150 gms on it.  Add 2 tsp of GG paste, 1 TSP of Aaharam Red Chilli Powder, 2 tsp of Fresh Cream and 2 tsp of Butter, required salt and mix well.  Cook on medium flame for more than 30 mins until water in the Lentils are fully gone.  Mash up the lentils in the middle and mix well at medium intervals.  After 45 mins of cooking on low flame, Check for salt and spicy consistency.  If required add water / chilly powder / salt as required.  Once cooked, add 1 tsp of Garam masala and 1 tsp of Crushed dry methi and mix well.. remove from flame and your yummy authentic Dal Bhukara is ready.. Serve hot with Roti / Naan / {hulkas / Rice of your choice... 

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Monday, 1 July 2019

Watermelon Halwa

Recipe for Watermelon Halwa
Posted by Janani Karthik on 16/06/2019

Watermelon juice - 1 glass say 300ml
Cornflour - 1 and 1/2 tbsp ( I took)
Cornflour 1 tbsp ( I used Sambar Karandi amount) : Sugar - 1 cup
Ghee, Cashews and almonds crushed - 1 handful.

Method:  First mix Watermelon juice with Cornflour without lumps.  In a pan, fry cashews and almonds in ghee (3tbsp).  Add the juice mixture to it, stir it well to combine with ghee.  It slightly thickens. At this time, add sugar and stir well without a gap.  When it thickens and folds in a pan, add some more ghee (3tbsp)  And combine well. Transfer into a tin and after it cools down can serve or can serve it hot too.

Festive Foods

Details of special food cooking on various festive days.  This may vary based on sambrathayam and vazhakkam...

Tamil New Year Day - Payasam, thayir pachadi, veppampoo pachadi, curry, koottu, more-kuzhambu, rasam, aamavadai, appalam, kosumalli, paanagam, neer-more

Aadi Pandigai - Thengai paal payasam

Aadi Perukku (Aadi-18) - Chitra-Annangal, Aviyal / Mo-Kuzhambu, vadaam, appalam, replace payasam with Vellam-Satham or sakkarai pongal.

Aadi-Velli - Payasam, ulundhu vadai, Maavilakku

Varalakshmi Vratham - Kozhkattai, Ulundhu vadai, Pacharisi Idli

Gokulashtami - Murukku, Uppu Seedai, vella seedai, ulundhu vadai, Vella-Aval, Thayir-Aval, Vennai, Pal, thayir.

Aavani Avittam - Idli, Appam, Payasam, Thayir pachadi, 2-kosumalli, curry, Mor-kuzhambu, rasam, Aama-vadai, appalam, Poli.

Navarathiri Arambam - Payasam, Pachadi, Kosumalli, Currym Koottum Mor-Kuzmbu, Rasam, Aama-vadai, Appalam.

Navarathiri (Friday) - Specially Payasam

Saraswathi Pooja - Payasam, Pachadi, Kosumalli, Curry, Mor-Kuzhambu, Ulundhu Vadai, Sooyaam, appalam

Purattasi Saturday - Payasam, Maavilakku (1mugam)

Deepawali - payasam, Aama-vadai, pachadi, curry, koottu, sambar, bakshanangal.   Bajji, chutney and Idly Molagapodi with sutta ennai for breakfast.

Karthigai - Payasam, Aama-vadai, pachadi, curry, kottu, mor-kuzhambu, Appalam.  Evening - Appam, nel-pori-urundai, Aval-Pori-urundai, Some people have Adai too.

Thiruvathirai - Kali, 7-kaai Koottu (Thalagam)
Bogi - Payasam, Thayir Pachadi, 2-Kos-Malli, Mor-Kuzhambu, Aama-Vadai, Appalam, Poli.

Pongal - Ven & Sakkarai Pongal, Pachadi, kos-malli, sambar, rasam, Ulunthu-Vadai

Kanu - Kalantha saatham, appalam, Aviyal, Mor-kuzhambu, Vadaams and pappads / fryums

Karadaiyan Nombu - Vella adai, Uppu adai, Vennai.

Srirama Navami - Neer Mor, Paanagam, Kos-malli.

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