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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Paruppu Thengai Koodu - Significance

In all our functions and rituals right from birth, valaikaapu, seemantham, brahmopadesam, Nitchayathartham, marriage, etc. etc.. We use to have a pair of Conical / metalic or Cardboard type "PARUPPU THENGAI KOODU". 

1. Now what does this mean? and 
2. Why such a conical shape of Koodu is made of?, 
3. What is the real significance?

Hear goes the answer.

In vedic periods, during marriages, when groom's family were received, they serve food in leaves foled in conical type, first to have food after their long journey to the bride's village.  Also in those era, Shiva and Parvathi were the only deities known to many layman.  But after Vedic period, due to the known factors of the mantras and its invoking presiding deities, people used to worship lot of other God / goddess of their choice.  

But since time immemorial, Both Shiva and Parvathi were the only God and Goddess they are invoked in Cone.  But now the question arises why only in Cone and why Paruppu thengai... right ?

As I mentioned earlier, food were served earlier in leaves, turned into cone (As you can even see in today's shops where pakoda or other food stuffs are given in paper cones... even popcorns are served in cones) and served to the family.  This cone was were very easy to them to store food items. Hence it became a practise.  Also to astrologically signify, A food stuff kept under a cone, lasts for longer period, then kept in open area, as it is scientifically prooved that the conical shape has the power to absorb all the positive energy in it and pass on to the food stuffs covered in the cone.  

Since, in olden days, The Pulses (Parupu) and Thengai (Coconut) and Jaggery (vellam) are the main ingredients used in cooking (Pulses maybe of any time, which includes any millets also) were kept in the cone and offerred to the groom's family so that the couples who get married would eat those stuffs from cone, would stay hale and healthy for ever without any diseases, with the blessings of Shiva and Parvathi.....who are invoked in the cone with mantras chanted before marriage.

In later stages, due to advancement in cooking, techniques and practises, slowly instead of pulses, jaggery and coconut, they are cooked and stuffed inside, then came Manoharam, Boondhi, etc etc (Bhoondi is made of Kadalai paruppu only).

Hope you have got the real significance of PARUPPU THENGAI KOODU