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Monday, 19 December 2016

Karnini Herbal Powder

(Only cure for women with PCOD/PCOS)

1. No side Effects
2. Contain high amount of Lecithin which is good for nervous system.
3. High in Phosphorous, an important constituent of Nucleic Acids.
4. Helps women in combat gallstones, reduces asthma for kids.
5. Reduces High blood pressure & Cholesterol levels
6. Optimizes Body fertility level
7. Keeps Reproductive Hormones in Check.
8. Reduces Type-II Diabetes Mellitus.
9. Phytonutrient Lignans acts against breast cancer& reduces risk of heart ailments.
10. Magnesium in millets reduce frequency of Migrane attacks.

Try our pure home made KARNINI herbal Powder, and stay FREE from your ailments. 
Try it... you will feel the real difference...
1. Can be taken as Porridge with salt and buttermilk
2. Can be taken with Jaggery as round balls
3. Can be made as dosa with Urud dal
4. Can be made as Pulka / Roti