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Sunday, 31 December 2017

Tamatar Sabji

Recipe : Tamatar Sabji
(Garlic Haters please stay away. Just made for kids)

Finely chop around 600 gms of ripened Tomatoes. Finely chop around 20 big garlic pods, Finely chop 3 to 4 nos of Green chilly and keep all ready. In a heavy bottom kadai, add 30 ml of Oil and once heated, splutter mustard seeds 1tsp, 2 tsp of Uurd Dal and 4 tsp of channa dal. Add chopped Green chillies and saute well. Then add chopped garlic and once cooked, add the chopped ripened tomatoes, 1 tsp of turmeric powder 2 tsp of Aaharam Asafoetida, Kal-Uppu (Raw Salt) mix well and keep in medium flame until tomatoes are cooked. Remove lid, mash with Masher and allow water to evaporate. Now add 50 ml of Gingelly oil, mix well and cook again for 5 minutes, until water is gone and oil tops up...'

Serve Hot with any of your likings. be it : Puri / Chappathi / Idly / Dosa / Pongal / Kichadi / Plain rice, etc. etc... Tastes yum yum.. Kids like very much...


Recipe : Traditional Kunukku.

Soak 100 gms each : Boiled rice, Thuvaramparuppu, Kadalai-Paruppu and Payatham-paruppu for 3 hours. Coarse grind with 4 nos Red Chilly, Aaharam Asafoetida and Kal-Uppu. In that add half chopped curry leaves and mix well. Heat oil and make round shaped Kunukku with hand. Deep fry always in medium flame, until cooked inside. Serve hot with Ginger Tea / Aaharam Filter Coffee.

Shahi Gobi

Today's 13/12/2017 Recipe from Aaharam : Shahi Gobi 
(Chef's Style Rich Gravy from Swaminatha Sharma)

Cut 1/2 kg Gobi to florets to 1 inch size, remove the stem of it and bring to boil in water, adding salt to it, allow to cool, drain water completely and keep aside. In a mixer, add 1 handful of Cashew, and 1 handful of Grated coconut, grind to fine paste adding little water and keep ready.

In a kadai add butter, add one medium size chopped onion, 2 green chilly, 1 inch size ginger and 1 ripen tomato and saute well, until meshy. Now add 1/2 tsp of garam masala powder, 4 cloves, 1 cinnamon stick, 1 star anise, 2 cardamon and mix well. Allow to cool and grind to a fine paste.

In the kadai add butter / ghee 2 tsp, add the grinded onion/tomato paste and add the Gobi florets, add little salt and mix well until all the masala gets into the gobi and cooked well. Now add the grinded Coconut/Cashew mixture and mix well.. Add 50 ml of water and mix well. Allow to cook to in medium flame. Now remove lid, add required salt, mix well. now add 100ml Fresh thick milk / or Cream of your choice and mix well again. Cook in medium flame for 3 - 5 minutes with cover.

Remove from flame, transfer to serving bowl and garnish with fried raisins and chopped coriander leaves.

Your Rich gravy Shahi Gobi is ready to serve with Chapathi / naan / Phulka / roti. Serve with pride. Serve with Joy.

Veg Clear Soup

Veg clear Soup with Fried corn flakes.

Recipe for Veg Clear Soup. : Fine chop onion, Beans, Carrot, Cabbage and saute in 2 tsp of butter. (Dont saute in oil or ghee. The taste of the soup lies sauting in Butter only). Add boiling water into it, add salt and boil, until veggies are cooked. Add salt to your taste while veggies are cooking. Now take 1 tsp of Corn Flour, mix in water and add to the Boiling Soup until its like thick (Check soup consistency). Transfer to serving bowl, top up with crushed pepper, chopped cilantro and fried Corn Flakes and serve hot.... Your yummy veg clear soup is ready.

KFC Style Veg Kebabs

Recipe for KFC Style Veg Kebabs.

Boil 2 medium sized potatoes, 1 handful of green peas, 2 medium carrot and 1 cup of sweetcorns, drain water, mash it. Add to this 4 tsp of all purpose flour, 2 tsp of coun flour. In a kadai add 1 tsp of butter, add 1 no finely chopped onion, 1 tsp of GG paste, 10 nos of finely chopped beans and add to the mashed potatoes. To this add 1 tsp of chilly flakes, chopped celery, 1/2 tsp of Garam masala, 1 tsp of Herbs (Celery, oregano, etc - if available, else no need). Add required salt, 1 tsp of sugar and mix well and roll on to kebabs of your size. 

Dip the kebabs in Corn flour + maida paste (2 tsp of corn flour and 2 tsp of maida made into Bajji mix consistency). Roll on the same into grounded bread crumps and grounded Corn Flakes. Deep fry in oil and serve hot with Rice Bowl. Your yummy KFC style Veg Kebabs are ready to serve. Serve with Pride and Serve with Joy.

Pumpkin Masal

Today's 09/11/2017 Recipe : 
Pumpkin Masal (Dry Curry)
(No-Onion No-Garlic Recipe)

Peel Skin of White Pumpkin, remove the inner seeds, chop to 1/2 inch cubes, wash in running water, drain and keep aside. In a kadai add 2 tsp of Jeera, dry saute, allow to cool, powder in mixie and keep aside. In the same kadai, add 2 tsp of Gingelly oil, sizzle 1 tsp of Jeera, and add 1 tsp of our Aaharam Asafoetida. Then add the chopped / washed pumpkin, mix well. Sprinkle some water, cover with lid and allow to cook for 3 to 4 mins in medium flame. Once cooked, remove lid, add salt, Turmeric powder, Chilly powder, mix well. Now add 10 to 15 Fresh Pudina (Mint) leaves, mix well. Once cooked, Sprinkle 1 tsp of Rice flour and powdered Jeera Powder. Saute well until all are mixed up, remove and garnich with finely chopped Coriander leaves.

Your Pumpkin Masal (Dry Curry) is ready to serve with Plain rice as accompaniment. Serve Hot, Serve with pride and Serve with Joy...!!!!

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Seeyalam (or) Seeraalam

Recipe : Seeyalam (or) Seeraalam
Posted by Chef. Swaminatha Sharma
Posted on 06/12/2017

Again a traditional dish from interior villages of Tamilnadu and almost from South India. This recipe is similiar to cooking Idly with Lentils and sauted with Veggies.. but not exactly veggies. This goes yummy with a spicy chutney as the recipe is highly nutritious and good for growing children and maintains good health. Tambrahmn from Southern part of India would be very famous in making this dish in olden days, but now a forgotten dish. Please see the recipe below, try now and get us your feed back.

Ingredients for making this Special recipe
Paasi paruppu @ Payatham paruppu 2 cups
Kadalai Paruppu - 1 cup
Thuvaram Paruppu - 1 cup
Red chillies = 2 nos
Dhaniya powder - 1 tsp
Aaharam Red Chilly powder - 1/2 tsp
Salt - As required
Finely chopped onion - 1 no
Lemon Juice - 3 tsp

Prepartion method for Seeyaalam : Soak the lentils for 3 hours. Grind the lentils along with Green chillies to fine paste like idly batter. Steam cook in Idly plates after greesing with oil and cut into 1/2 inch pieces and keep ready. In a kadai add 4 tsp of oil, sizzle mustard seeds, urud dal, add onion and saute till golden brown. add Curry leaves 1 arc, Aaharam Red Chilly Powder, Dhania powder and saute wel. Now add the chopped Lentil Idlyies and mix well. Add required salt to it and mix well.. Remove from flame... Squeeze lemon over it and mix well. Serve with spicy chutney of your taste.

Your traditional / Authentic Seeyalam is ready to serve. Serve with Joy and Serve with Pride.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Garlic Chutney

Recipe : Garlic Chutney
Posted by Chef Swaminatha Sharma
Posted on 01/12/2017

10 pods of Garlic
10 nos of Red Chilly
1/2 inch size Tamarind
1/2 Tomato
Salt As required
Water as required
Gingelly Oil 4 tsp

Preparation Method : Just raw grind Garlic pods, red chilly, tamarind and tomato in a mixer to a find paste.  Heat Oil in pan and pour on the Paste.  No sauting, no frying. Just simple to make, Tasty and Yummy side dish for our South Indian Traditional Dosa / Uthappam.  Goes yummy with our Traditional soft Idly too

Karthigai Deepam Specials


3 urundaikalaiyum ore methodil than seya vendum, alavum ondre than. anal thani thaniye seiya vendum oru periya thambalathil. Oru kilo nrl poriyai sutham seithu pottu arhil konjam yelapodi, sukku podi thuvi athanudan migavum melliyatha podi podi yaga narukkiya thengai pottu nandraga kalanthu vaikkavum. Oru vanliyil 400 gram pagu vellam podithu pottu sirithu thanni ootri kothikka vaithu pagu patham vantha vudan (kothiklum vellathai oru thanni ulla pathirathil pottal athu ulle poi utkarum, athai eduthu urutinal kaiyil ottamal urundaiyanal nalla patham) athai irakki konjam ariyavudan ilamsuttodu pori mel parappi ootri nandraga karandiyal kallli kaiyil konjam arisi mavu thotu kondu urudai pidithal nandraga varum

Oru tumbler arisi., arai tumbler kadalai paruppu, arai tumbler thuvaram paruppu. 2 hour ooravaithu vadi kati mixiyil pottu athanudan 6 milagai, konjam perungayam potu araithu athanudan thevaiyana uppu, Karuvepilai serthu kalakli, dosai kallai aduppil vaithu 2 karandi mavu ootri konjamaga parappi atham mel suthi 5/6 ottaigal pottu ottaiyilum, mavai suthiyum ennai ootri aduppai simmil vaithu irandu pakkamum thiruppi pottu Sivakka vega vaithu eduthal moru moru kara kara endru adai ready

oru tumbler raw rice 3 hours oora vaithu vadi kati mixiyil pottu konjam thanni Ootri nandraga myya arrithu, meendum athil kal kilo vellam podithu potu athanudan oru rasthali vazhai pazham urithu potu arraikkavum athanudan konjam kothumai mavu, nandraga poditha cashew, batham, elakkai 5 spoon urulkiya nei serthu idli mavu pathathukku karaikkavum.

Oru vanliyil ennai ootri kainthathum mavai oru chinna kuzhi karandiyal eduthu ennaiyil directaga ootri aduppai simil vaithu appathin mel ennaiyai karandiyal eduthu eduthi ootri thiruppi pottu sivantha vudan eduthal suvai mikka nei appam ready.

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