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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Paramparya Samayal

Paramparya Samayal 
Shared by : Narayani Harikesh
rice 1cup
coconut milk 1cup
jaggery 1cup
cordomon powder little
ghee 3tbs
fried cashew as required
Rice to be broken like rava.Roast the broken rice in ghee and allow it to boil till it gets very soft.Dissolve jaggery in little amt of water and boil it till it loses its raw smell.Now mix it with cooked rice add cordomom powder.swich off the gas add coconut milk and garnish with cashew.This is pakka traditional payasam in THJ district.
ING: ladies fingure 5nos
curd 1cup
green chilli 1no
corainder leaves
Deep fry the small pices of ladis finger and mix it with curd.add salt,hing.Seasoning with kaduhu, chilli.Garnish with c.leaves.Authentic TNJ pachidi.
thuvar dal 1 cup
lemon 1 no
oil little
Cook the thuvar dal with katti perungayam and haldi.mash it add salt ,lemon juice,sea.with kaduhu.
potato 5nos
sambar powder
channa dal
curry leaves
Boil potato.cut into small pic.(not with knife the shape shoul be diff.then only it is traditional) in a kadai put oil ann kaduhu,channa dal.u.dal,
hing(powder)salt,haldi ,samber powder,c.leaves and add potato,close the lid for 10 mts.potato kalyana kari ready
pidi karunai 3nos
lemon 1no
green chilli 1
finely chopped ginger little
channa dal
peel pidi karunai.boil it mash it
add req.amt of water,hing,salt.take a kadai put oil add kaduhu,channa dal,u dal,ginger,slited chilly,curry leaves add the karunai paste.boil it for few gas.add lemon juice.masiyal ready.our THJ special
Channa dal 1cup
tamarid small lemon size
jagerry 2 spoon(big size spoon)
DRY roast and grind the following
dhania 1tp
u.dal 1tps
pepper 1/4 tps
red chilly 1
grated coconut 1spoon
cook the channa dal seperately.boil the tamarind juice with jaggery(the juice must be thick) till the raw flavour add the cooked dal add salt for mts now add the ground paste .seasoning with kaduhu in add fried grated coconut.this dish is combination of pulippu,karam and sweet.This is pakka traditional recipe in our family for auspicious days.MY patti told me that in those times morning leftover kootu adds up as a fine side dish for night palaharam like idli.dosa,chappathi,arisi uppuma.
Asusual same method of preparation vattal kuzhambu.finally add poricha appalam and fried omam.Verynice aroma and good for health
kandathippili sticks (2 or 3) ----roast and grind (nice powder
tomato 6 to 7
ginger small piece
pepper 1/2 spn
green chilli 1(depands upon the karam)
curry leaves,
grated coconut 1spoon
gring all the ing with out kandathippili.add req amt of water.add salt,haldi,katti perungayam boil it until raw smell goes.nice aroma will come now add the kandathippili powder.sea.with kaduhu and jeera.garnish with is very good for body pain.My mom prepare this rasam offten.

Thani Koottu

Recipe : Thani Kootu
Shared by : Sumitha Iyer
Serves 5
To grind:
3 tbsps of udithdal
3 tbsps of channadal
10- 11 red chillies (depends on the spicyness of chilli)
5 tbsps of Dhania
Other ingredients:
Grated Coconut 1 big cup
Tamarind 1 small orange size
Salt to taste
Jaggery 1/4 cup
Turmeric powder 2 tsps
Coconut oil 2 tbsps
Ghee 4 tbsps
Curry leaves 2-3 springs
To temper:
2 tbsps channadal
1 tbsps udithdal
1 piece of asafetida
2 tsps of rai
1.Soak the tamarind in hot water.
2. In a kadai take 1 tbsp of ghee and fry the items under 'to grind' and grind it to a paste once it cools.
3. Add 2 tbsps of ghee in the kadai and fry the grated coconut till brownish red and keep aside.
4.Extract the tamarind pulp and mix the ground paste to it nicely.there should be no lumps.
5.In a kadai heat 1 tbsp of ghee and add all items under 'to temper' one by one and fry till the dals are golden brown.
6. Add the tamarind water- ground paste mixture,jaggery,turmeric powder and salt and boil for 10- 12 mins till the mixture thickens.
7. Now add the fried coconut gratings and allow the mixture to boil for another 3 mins.keep stirring to avoid burning.the mixture will thicken further.
8. Switch off the flame and add few sprigs of curry leaves and 2 tbsps of coconut oil and cover it with a lid.Before serving mix the kootu and and serve.
Happy women's day to one and all ...I dedicate this recipe to my mother in law. Smt. Indira Thyagarajan.She has always encouraged me and gave me a free reign in the kitchen to try out different dishes.Today I am posting this with confidence due to her.Thank you Amma.

Mooligai Kuzhambu

Shared by : Hemalatha Jayaraman

Ingredients : Omavalli ilai, Vetrilai, Thulasi, Kariveppilai
3 tsp of urad dhall, 4 tsp of black pepper, 6-8 red chillies, tamarind (big lemon sized), rock salt required quantity, a bit of jaggery, gingelley oil 100 gms.
Preparation time : 30 minutes

Method: Wash omavalli, vetrilai, thulasi and kariveppilai. Soak tamarind in warm water. Take 2 tsp of gingelley oil, fry urad dhall , pepper, red chillies and curry leaves in the order.  Wet grind the fried ingredients along with omavalli, vetrilai and thulasi (all raw) to a fine paste and keep aside.  Squeeze the tamarind to a thick consistency. Take a kadai and add the gingelley oil (nallennai) temper perungayam, kadugu and vendhayam and add the ground paste and stir well till the raw smell subsides. Add the squeezed tamarind water and let boil for 15 minutes at least. Add salt to taste and jaggery at this stage. When the kuzhambu reaches a thick consistency and the oil splashes (like in pulikachal) switch off the stove.  This kuzhambu is very good for stomach ailments and ease digestion.

Thavala Vadai

Shared by : Chitra Lalitha
Boiled rice 1/2 cup
Moong dal 1/4 cup
Urad dal 1/4 cup
Toor dal 1/4 cup
Channa dal 1/4 cup
Red chili 10
Ginger a small piece
Curry leaves few
Asafoetida 1/4 tsp
Coconut bits 2 tblsp
Sour curd 1 tblsp
Mustard seeds 1/4 tsp
Salt as per taste
Oil to deep fry

Soak the all the dals and rice separately for 1 hour.  After 1 hour, grind the rice, channa dal and toor dal along with red chili and ginger.  Grind this into a rava consistency.  Grind the urad dal separately as for vadai and mix with the rice battar.  Drain the water from moong dal and just add this to rice battar and add salt to this.   Add curry leaves and finely chopped coconut. Add sour curd just before frying.   The batter shouldn't be thick, it should be in dropping consistency. Temper mustard seeds and asafoetida with little oil and mix well. Batter is ready to fry  Heat oil in a pan and when it is hot, put down the flame to medium and start making small portions of batter and carefully put it in oil. Deep fry till golden brown 
Notes:  Always ensure the batter should be dropping consistency, else the vadai will turn hard.  Adding sour curd will make the vadai soft inside and crispy outside.

Thayir Idli

Namadhu parampariya unavana IDLI 
Shared by : Usha Kumar
Idliyai vaithu oru vidhyasamana aarokya unavu..
Idhil udalukku thembu tharakudiya vagayil Thayir
carrot thuruval
kothumalli thazhai
siriya alavil Milagai thool
ivai anaithum serkapattirukkindradhu
idharku meedhamulla idligalai upayogithaal podhum. Adhai vaithu indha aarokyamana unavai thayarithu vidalam.
Seimurai ..Dahi Idli Chat(thayir idli)
1.idligalai padathil ullapadi cube vadivil azhagaga cut panni kollavum
2.pinnar adhai soodana yennayil porithedukkavum
3.udhai thayar seyyum mun mukkiyamaga seiyya vendiya ondru Inippu chutneyum pudhina chutneyum seithu vaithukolla vendum.
Inippu chutneyku pereecham pazhangalai midhamana thanneeril ooravvaithu kollavum..30 nimidangal kazhithu adhai mixiyil sirithalu puliyudan serthu araithu kollungal.
Pin vanaliyil 1/2 cup vuzhudhukku 1/4 cuppuku konjam adhigamaga vellam karaitju inda vizhudayum pottu kidhikka vidungal..siridhalavu uppum milagai thoolum serthu gettiyanadhum aara vittal inippu chutney ready
3.ippodhu pudhina chutney.
Idharku pudhina ilaiguludan 1 pachai milagai serthu uppu pottu araithu anda vizhudhil siridhu elumichampazham puzhindhu kollungal.chutney thayar.
5.Fry pannina idli thundugalai oru plateil vaithu adhan meedhu uppum sarlarayum kalandhu beat pannina thayirai cover coat pannungal.
6.piragu adhan meedhu pudhina chutney yella puramum thoovi vidavum.
7.ippodhu inippu chutney thoovi vidavum.
8.ippozhudhu narukkiya podi vengaya thundugalai thoovungal
9.Ippodhu thuruviya carrot ..thoovavum
10.ippozhudhu milagai thool..jeeraga thool idhai melaga sprinkle pannavum...
10.kadaisiyaga Kothumalli thazhayai thoovi 
Azhagana suvai migundha arokyamana thayir idli thundugal thayar!!

Yello Masala Idli

Shared by : Annapoorani Ganesan
Raw rice 1 cup, Thur dal ½ cup, chana dal ½ cup, moong dal ¼ cup, urad dal 2 table spoon, freshly grated coconut ½ cup, Red chiilies 2, green chillies 2, hing 1 pinch, haldhi powder 2 to 3 tea spoon, chopped curry leaves, chopped coriander leaves, Oil 3 table spoon, Eno salt (Lemon flavoured) 1 pak and salt to taste.

1.Wash and Soak all the Rice and dals in water for 3 to 4 hours,
2.Grind all rice, dals and red and green chillies, grated coconut, water into fine paste(Idli batter consistency) , add salt to taste and mix well and keep aside for 2 hours to ferment .
3. Keep small kadai on flame, heat 2 tea spoon oil, add the Rai to splutter, add 1 pinch of hing, chopped curry leaves, 1 chooped green chilli and pour into the batter.
4. add 2 to 3 tea spoon haldhi powder, 3 tablespoon oil and Eno popwder and mix it well in one direction till it comes fluffy.
5. Pour the batter in idli mould and steam in cooker without ring and whistle for 8 to 10 minutes.
6 Take out the mould and pour some water onit and remove the Idlis from the mould.
Take a microwave Idli mould, grease with oil and pour the batter into it and decorate with chopped coriander leaves and cook in Microwave mode for 1&1/2 minutes, give the standing time for 2 seconds.
7. Serve hot with gree chatney or coconut chatney.
Just small innovation I tried first time and It came out well, colourful, tasty and delicious.

Thavala Adai

Recipe : Thavala adai 
Shared by : Padmini Sudarshan

Ingredients :
Raw rice 1 cup
Par boiled rice 1 cup
Thuvar dal 1/2 cup
Chana dal 1/4 cup
Urad dal 1/4 cup
Green chillies 2
Jeera 2 tsp
Pepper 2 tsp
Curry leaves 
Preparation :
Soak rice and dals separately for 2 hrs.  In a mixer coarsely grind little 1 spoon jeera and pepper.  Coarsely grind the dals with green chillies.  Then grind soaked rice into a smooth paste. Mix the ground jeera pepper, dals, rice, salt and hing.  Let them ferment for 8 hrs.  Add fresh curry leaves, whole jeera pepper.  In a heavy bottom kadai, heat two spoons of oil.  Note: the dish comes out tasty and crispy only with little generous oil.  Pour one full of the fermented batter. Close the kadai with lid.  Let it cook in slow flame for 5 mins.  With the spatula, turn the adai to other side in kadai.  Allow it to cook this side for 5 mins.  Thavala adai is now ready! It goes very well with molaga podi/ coconut chutney.

Muzhu Kadalai Koottu

This is a traditional dish normally prepared by Kerala Iyers.
Ingredients :
One cup ash gourd ( poosani Kai/elavan)
One cup yam ( Chenai) both cut into 1 or 1 1/2 inch square pieces.
Brown chenna gram /kadalai cup.
3_4 red chilies
3_4 black pepper
One tsp jeera
Grated coconut ...1 1/2 cup
Little turmeric, salt as per taste
Curry leaves
Coconut oil 3_4 taps.
Soak brown gram/kadalai in water for 6_8 hours. Keep the cut vegetables together adding little water, salt and turmeric in a vessel. Place the soaked brown gram with water and little turmeric ( without salt) in another vessel. Now pressure cook both and keep aside.  Now fry red chilies and pepper with little hing. Then transfer these to mixie bowl, add jeera and one cup of grated coconut and grind adding water. Keep aside.  Now transfer the cooked vegetables and kadalai into a thick bottomed vessel and let it boil for five minutes. When you open the cooker...immediately add little salt to the cooked kadalai and keep closed for five minutes. It will absorb salt faster this way.  Now add the ground mixture to the vegetables and mix it, let it be on medium flame.   Now keep a kadai on the Stive and fry the remaining coconut (1/2cup) till brown and add this to the koottu. Let it boil for few minutes and put off the stove. Add curry leaves. You can add coconut oil at the end. It will taste very good .  As I had used up the grated coconut when I took the pic for items for frying, I have just kept little coconut what reminded with me after using it up. Please excuse

Rava Kesari

Rava Kesari.
Shared by : Pushpa Kannan

Fry little cashews in ghee and keep aside then fry ravai till little golden brown (abt one glass ravai )add boiling water and stir till its cooked well..
now add one one fouth cup of sugar and mix till it thickens..
add kesari powder and elaichi powder and mix till it thickens well..
pour ghee on top and add the fried cashews...serve hot or cold

Paal Kozhukkattai

Paal Kozhukkattai...பால் கொழுக்கட்டை
Shared by : Radha Balu
Rice Flour...(oora vaiththu mixieyil naisaaka araiththa arisi maavu(or)
kozhukkattai maavu (readymade)---1 cup
Jaggery---1 cup
Milk---1 cup
Coconut Extract (thengaayp paal)--1/2 cup
Ghee----4 Tsp.
Saffron---5 petals
Salt---2 pinch
Add grated coconut with some water and grind in a mixie . Squeeze and strain the coconut milk. Nowadays we'll get ready coconut milk also.  Take 1 1/4 cup of water in a vessel, add salt and ghee in it and boil.  When it starts boiling add the rice flour and stir continuously for 5 minutes.  ( venthu kaiyil ottaamal irukka vendum. Like vella kozhukkattai maavu.)  Remove from fire and make a soft dough..(Nanraaka kattiyillaamal pisaiyavum.)  Make very smail balls out of it about the size of green peas. (small sundaikkaay size)  Heat water equal to the measure of rice balls, when it starts boiling add half the amount of rice balls.Keep the gas flame in simmer.  Again it starts boiling, add the remaining balls. If put all balls in one time it will dissolve.  Stir occasionally.Add milk also. After 10 minutes' the balls are well-cooked, add jaggery and coconut milk.  Boil for another 10 minutes and remove from fire.  Add cardamom powder and saffron.  Pal kozhukkattai is ready to eat. Serve hot or cold.  Ithu annaalaiya paarambariyamaana suvaiyaana inippu.

Vegetable Poricha Kuzhambu

Vegetable Poricha Kozhambu
Shared by : Mala Mohan
Cabbage - Small
Carrot - 4
Peas - 1/4 Kg
Toordal and Moongdal mix both one cup each
For grinding:
Perungayam - Little
Ulad dal - 2 spn
Red chilli - 10
Curry leaves
Jeera - 1 spn
Grated coconut
For Tempering:
Ulad dal
Curry leaves
Salt and Coriander
->Cut and boil all the vegetables along with toor dal, moong dal
salt and Turmeric powder in a cooker and keep for 3 whistles.
->Fry all the above ingredients in little oil for grinding.
->Add jeera and grated coconut after switching off the gas.
->For Tempering, In a kadai Put little oil, add rai, ulad dal and curry leaves
Then add boiled vegetables and dal, then add grounded mixture and add salt.
->Let it boil for 5 minutes.
->Garnish with Coriander.
->Serve it hot with plain rice and ghee and with Appalam.

Vazhakkai Podi

Vazhaikkai podi
Shared by : Yashodhara Ramurthy
Recipe......Row Banana 1
Red chilly. 3
Ulurtam paruppu 2 teaspoon
Perungayam 2 pinch
Grated coconut 2 teaspoon
Salt as per tast
Any oil 1/2. Teaspoon
Method....peel the banana nd boi it with salt nd pinch of manjal podi. Shoud not be over boil. (. Just 75 % boil ). Let the banana cool in running water nd keep aside. Roast. Uluttam patuppu. Red chilly. And hing. With 1/2 teaspoon oil. As goldan . Color and grind it with.grated coconut and salt ( not very fine mixture. Little. Curse ) Now add the boiled banana in the mixture and grind it. For few second only (. No need of over grind )
Mex well
A very treditional one
Happy women"s day to all my dear friends

Chembai Adai

Chembal Adai
Shared by : Prema Kannan

A. To be Soaked for 6 hours and grind
1. Raw Rice – 1 Glass
2. Boiled Rice – 1 Glass
3. Urad Dhal – ¼ glass
4. Tamarind in the size of a big lemon

B. To be dry roast and powdered
1. Dhaniya Seeds – ¼ glass
2. Channa Dhal – 3 spoons
3. Jeera – 1 spoon
4. Methi (Uluva) – ½ spoon
5. Red chilli – 16

C. Jaggery in the size of a big lemon
Preparation method
1. Grind all the ingredients present in ‘A’ category.
2. Finally add the ingredients present in ‘B’ and ‘C’ categories and add 1 spoon of hing.
3. Add salt.
4. Ferment for 6 hours.
5. Prepare Dosai with the batter obtained.

Actually this batter has to be prepared as dosai behind chembu leaf and steam cooked in idli plates. Cut into small pieces and season with mustard, urad dhal, hing. As Chembu leaves are not available here, I have prepared like Dosai.

Okkarai - Sweet

Thirunelveli Special "OKKAARAI" (DIWALI Sweet).
Shared by : Nirmala Sivaswamy

Ingredients :-
Moong Dal 1cup
Chana Dal 1cup
Jaggery 2cups
Ghee 3/4 cup
Cashew 20
Coconut 1
Cardamon 8
Salt 1/4 tsp.
Method :-
Wash & Soak both the dals for minimum 2 hrs.Then strain. Grind the dals & salt in d mixi wd no or very littl water.The paste shd b very smooth & thick, shouldnt stick 2 ur hands.Roast d Cashews in ghee. Grate d coconut & roast in ghee till it turns golden colour.  Take water in a kadai or idli pot.In a plate or bowl place a banana leaf & put d ground paste on it.Place it in d kadai &cover d kadai.Steam it.Insert a matchstick & if d paste doesnt stick to the matchstick means it is cooked. Take out the paste and put it in a plate and cut it in 4 or 5 pieces. Allow it to cool. After cooling, the paste should not have lumps and should be in a coarse powdered state (Pola pola endru udhirnthu kolavum).   

Take approx. half cup water in a kadai. Add jaggery (crushed). When a sweet aroma arises and the foam is formed, add the udhirnthu thool to the jaggery. Add the roasted coconut and cashewnuts and keep on stirring. Add the remaining ghee. Make sure that it doesnt stick to the hand and mix cardamom powder and remove from the stove. OKKARAI Ready 
smile emoticon 
(Coriander Idli Usili & Coconut Curryleaf Chutney)

Kadaranga Pickle

Kadaranga urgai 
Shared by : Subashree Venkatraman
Method : 100ml idyam nallaeannaila kadugu thalichundu gas off paniten. Then gadaranga , 50grm red chilli powder, venthayam manjal dry rost senju powder vachundu iruken athula 1spoon, perungayam powder thulipora, elam antha oil potu mix paniten. Gadaranga la already salt potu uravachu vachundu iruken. So Gadaranga pickle ready to eat with thairunjam !!!


Shared by Sowmya Ramanujam
Ingredients :
1. Powdered Jaggery - 1/2 cup
2. Pepper/milagu - 2 tbsp
3. Coriander seeds/dhaniya - 2 tbsp
4. Ajwain/omam - 1 tsp
5. Cumin seeds/Jeera - 1 tbsp
6. Dry ginger/sukku - 2 pieces
7. Cardamom/elakkai - 4 nos if small, 2 if big
8. Gingelly Oil/nallennai - 2 tbsp
9. Ghee - 1 tsp
Method :
1. Add jaggery in water and bring it to boil. Once jaggery gets dissolved, switch off and strain the jaggery water.
2. Dry roast all the ingredients (from 2 to 7) separately and powder it finely. You can even sieve it. (If you want you can even soak all the ingredients for 2 – 3 hrs and make it a fine paste.)
3. Take jaggery water in a pan and add the powder to it. Mix it well so that no lumps are formed.
4. Sim the stove and keep stirring at regular interval..At one stage it will come to halwa like consistency. It might take around 15 – 20 minutes.
5. Add oil at this stage and keep stirring for further 2 – 3 minutes.
6. Finally add ghee and switch off the stove.
7. Let it cool completely. Transfer it to an airtight container and refrigerate. It stays good more than a month.
Note : If you want,you can skip gingelly oil and increase the quantity of ghee.


Shared by : Sudha Janaka
my mother in laws recipe.she doesn't like to waste things.she utilizes almost everything into is one of those food recipes i want to share with.the orange skin has vitamin c.which is good for health.the smell and taste of orange is very flavorful.
things needed.
finely chopped orange skin (arai phazthu tholi)
toor dhal. one teaspoon
mustard seeds. one teaspoon
vendhyam seeds 1/2 teaspoon.
curry leaf ,small arch.
jaggery ..1 teaspoon or small round
turmeric..1 teaspoon
sambhar powder :one table spoon,+one teaspoon
raw peanuts(small fistful,oru pidchapdi)
salt required amount.
gingley oil .two tablespoon+two teaspoon)
tamrind one small lemon size.
one tablespoon orange juice.(optional..)
rice flour(small ammount)
soak tamrind in warm water.
take kadhai or any cooking vessel add gingley oil once its hot add orange tholi,give nice fry,till skins become soft (keep the flame low.) keep it separate .now add peanuts to the same kadhai roast little can do both this step separate or continue doing same kadhai..add little gingley oil,add mustard seeds,vendhyam,toordhal,curry leaves,chilies,turmeric,sambhar powder.give a quick fry and now add tamrind juice,..and water.if you have fried the peanuts and toli separate add it right know.add required for salt as there is no much tahn in it. .give a nice rolling boil. if you feel the kuzhumbhu is watery you can add rice flour paste..(nalla kothichu pacha vasana poga erruikuvam). kadisia jaggery serkavaum.  kadisia venunamana konjum nalaeneya(gingleyoil} and orange juice serkalam.kochum neram kazhithu parimaravum..reheat panakudhathu..

Monday, 9 March 2015

Mullangi Palya

Mullangi / mullangi leaf palya:
Shared by : 
Latha Raghavendra
(Shown in the pic is only mullangi)
Dry roast 1 ts puzhungalarisi, half ts urad dhal and 5-6 red chillies, powder neither too smoothly nor too coarsely. Dry roast 5-6 garlic cloves and 1 tbs grated coconut, add and powder. Heat oil in a kadai, add 1 ts mustard and let it splutter. Add 6-8 mullangi grated or leaves of 3-4 mullangi finely chopped and cook well. Once done, add salt to taste and the powder, and saute well. Serve with chapathi.

Kokam Rasam

Shared by : Latha Raghavendra

Soak 6-8 dry kokam fruits overnight. Boil the soaked kokam. Heat oil in a kadai, add 1 ts mustard, let it splutter. Add 5-6 lightly smashed garlic cloves and fry till brown (this is optional). Add 2-3 split red chillies, 4-5 split green chillies, a small piece of ginger grated, curry leaves - fry, add to the kokam and let it boil further. Add salt and finely chopped coriander leaves and remove from fire.

Masala Bendi Fry

No Onion No Garlic Recipe

Masala Bendi Fry
Slice cut bendi is to required size. Add turmeric, chilli, garam masal, coriander and jeera powders, sprinkle salt and addbcurd to it and keep aside for 30 mins. In a wok, add oil and fry in high flame for about 10 to 15 mins. Before removing from flame add grated coconut 2 tsp, and sprinkle besan flour and stir well. Garnich with copped coriander leaves.... Simple and super healthy dish with No onion and no garlic....

Dahi Bonda

Recipe for Dahi bonda
Shared by : Usha Kumar
Wash and soak urid dal for an hour.
Grind in mixer adding 2 green chillies .
Remove it .
In a mixing bowl pour this batter..add salt. Fry it in oil in a bonda shape.
In a bowl beat the fresh curd adding 4 tsp sugar and 1 tsp salt..
Beat well again.
Now place the bondas in the bowl carefully..
Garnish with Redchilli powder, Chat masala powder, Jeera powder,coriander leaves..
Keep aside for nearly 2 hrs.
Dahi bonda ready with yummy taste

Papaya Halwa

Papaya Halwa
Shared by : Chitra Sadanand
Medium sized papaya -1
Sugar - 200/250 gms (depends on the ripeness of papaya)
Unsweetened khova - 125 cms
Ghee - 80 gms
Almonds - 12 (blanch them, peel the skin, dry them and powder them dry )
Cardamom - for taste and fragrance
Almonds and pistachios - slice them for garnishing
Fried cashews: 10
Wash the papaya. Remove the skin and pith and deseed them. Dice them and add them to a pan of 30 gms of hot ghee. Cook on low flame for 15 min. The fruit will release juices and lose its opacity. Cool the contents and grind them to a fine paste.
Now transfer the mixture to the pan and add sugar. Cook on a low flame for another 20 min. Add khova and mix it well till the khova crumbs mix well without forming lumps. Now add ghee and continue to stir till the ghee separates. Add cardamom and almond powder and continue to stir. Cook for 5 minutes more till everything mixes well. Add fried cashews and garnish them with almond and pista slices.
Serve them hot or cold.

Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda
Shared by : Chitra Sadanand

Bread - 6 slices (with crusts removed and cut diagonally to form triangles)
Milk - 500 ml
Sugar-100 or 150 gm (depends on how sweet your tooth is)
Saffron - little (to be kept in lukewarm milk)
Rose water - 75 ml
Nuts for garnishing
Cherry and tutti fruiti for decorating
Ghee/ Oil for frying ( not for health freaks)
Boil milk with sugar and condense it. Add saffron to enhance color and taste and allow it to cool. Fry the bread pieces in oil/ghee on slow flame till it turns golden brown. For health freaks dry roast the slices. Now dip the bread slice in a bowl of rose water and slightly press them to remove excess water. Once this is done dip the bread in the condensed milk and arrange them on a plate. Add nuts and cherries for garnishing. Viola.....your Shahi Tukda is ready.
P.S You can also use ready made condensed milk also.

Tomato Pachadi

Tomato Pachadi

Ripened Tomato - 1 kg
Salt required quantity
Curry leaves - 1 bunch
Mustard / Urud Dal / chenna Dal - 1 tsp each
Kashmiri Mirchi powder - 2 to 3 tsp according to spicy
Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
Gingelly Oil - 4 tablespoon
Asafoetida - 1/2 tsp

Dry roast 2 tsp of Fenugreek seeds and Mustard seeds and grind into fine powder and keep aside..

In a non-stick pan, add oil and splutter mustard seeds, add urud dal, chenna dal, curry leaves and add the finely chopped ripened tomatos and cook in medium flame.. stir well once water oozes out and make it to a thick consistency.. Add required close the lid for further few mins and stir well once fully cooked... now add the grinded powder and mix well... Remove from stove once oil starts to float up and store it in a air tight jar.. This can be used upto 1 month when properly stored in refrigerator.