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Sunday, 15 March 2015


Shared by : Sudha Janaka
my mother in laws recipe.she doesn't like to waste things.she utilizes almost everything into is one of those food recipes i want to share with.the orange skin has vitamin c.which is good for health.the smell and taste of orange is very flavorful.
things needed.
finely chopped orange skin (arai phazthu tholi)
toor dhal. one teaspoon
mustard seeds. one teaspoon
vendhyam seeds 1/2 teaspoon.
curry leaf ,small arch.
jaggery ..1 teaspoon or small round
turmeric..1 teaspoon
sambhar powder :one table spoon,+one teaspoon
raw peanuts(small fistful,oru pidchapdi)
salt required amount.
gingley oil .two tablespoon+two teaspoon)
tamrind one small lemon size.
one tablespoon orange juice.(optional..)
rice flour(small ammount)
soak tamrind in warm water.
take kadhai or any cooking vessel add gingley oil once its hot add orange tholi,give nice fry,till skins become soft (keep the flame low.) keep it separate .now add peanuts to the same kadhai roast little can do both this step separate or continue doing same kadhai..add little gingley oil,add mustard seeds,vendhyam,toordhal,curry leaves,chilies,turmeric,sambhar powder.give a quick fry and now add tamrind juice,..and water.if you have fried the peanuts and toli separate add it right know.add required for salt as there is no much tahn in it. .give a nice rolling boil. if you feel the kuzhumbhu is watery you can add rice flour paste..(nalla kothichu pacha vasana poga erruikuvam). kadisia jaggery serkavaum.  kadisia venunamana konjum nalaeneya(gingleyoil} and orange juice serkalam.kochum neram kazhithu parimaravum..reheat panakudhathu..

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