Panneer Cutlet

Recipe : Paneer Cutlet
Posted by Balapriya Venkatakrishnan on 12/06/2018

Take 1 cup crumbled paneer + 1/2 cup cooked potato and mashed + 1 tbsp chopped onion + little grated carrot + 2 grew chillies chopped + little grated ginger + little Kashmiri red chilli powder + 1 tbsp chopped corainder leaves + little amchur powder and Garam masala + 2tbsp corn flour + salt as required + 3 tbsp bread crumbs. Combine all the ingredients.

Prepare maida paste: 4 tbsp corn flour + pepper powder little + 2 tbsp maida + salt + water. Mix well to form lump free and flowing consistency batter.  Make small balls from the dough and do like cutlet shape. Now dip it in prepared maida paste and cover the batter all sides of cutlet.  Then coat with bread crumbs all sides. Now shallow fry the cutlets till it turns golden brown.