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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Venira DHOOM

VENIRA DHOOM Herbal Shampoo

Herbal shampoos are the cosmetic preparations that with the use of traditional ayurvedic herbs are meant for cleansing the hair and scalp just like the regular shampoo.  They are used for removal of oils, dandruff, dirt, environmental pollutions etc..  Strong and refreshing smell of Musk and Lavender.  This is the latest perfume / flavour to be added to VENIRA Herbal Shampoo.  Nature is what principally inspires our fragrance creations. Our aromatic blends are based on diversified Feelings, Emotions and Experiences...!!!

Functions of Venira DHOOM Herbal ShampooLubrication, Conditioning, Hair Growth, Maintenance of Hair colour and Medication.  

Tha main advantages are : Its pure and made with organic ayurvedic / organic ingredients, free from side effects, contains good surfactants with SLS, skin friendly and contains no petroleum jellys.

Since we care for perfect Hair, our shampoo would be very ease in application, wet combing, good frangrance of Dhoom, low level of irritation and good stability.  

Active Ingredients : Shikakai, Reeta, Methi seeds, Aloevera, SLES and Cocamide MEA on the right proportions to make a perfect shampoo for your Hair.