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Wednesday, 27 May 2015



Cook tur dal 1 cup with 3 cups of water, with turmeric powder added and smash to paste and keep aside. Fry channa dal, urad dal & red chilly in coconut oil and add grated coconut and grind to paste with required water. Soak tamarind and extract juice and keep aside.

For Rasavangi any of the following veggies can be used
1. Brinjal
2. White pumpkin
3. Chow chow
4. Lauki (Sorakkai)

Boil the veggie in tamarind water, add turmeric powder. Add smashed tur dal. Add Grounded mixture and boil for 4 mins. Add salt and asafoetida. Fry mustard seed in coconut oil and add to the above mixture. Add curry leaves to the Rasavangi. (Rasavangi means, once after having this, one will sure ask for rasam to have after having this)

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