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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Microwave Mysorepak

Microwave Mysorepak
Posted by Dhivya J Iyer
Posted on 06/03/2017

Got so much tempted with all Mysore pak post.. so prepared small amount in 3 mins in microwave oven

Besan - 1/2 cups, sugar - 1 cup, milk - 2 tbsp, ghee - 1 cup
Add 1 spoon of ghee to besan in a tray and keep in oven for 1 min...
Shift the besan to another vessel...
Pour ghee, add sugar n milk in tray, keep it in oven for 1 min...
Add the besan to the above mixture and keep in oven for 3 mins.., take it out and stir well after 1.30 minutes , u can add cardamom powder at this point of time if u wish .. Keep it again in oven for the remaining 1.30 mins..
Grace a tray / plate with ghee , pour the hot content taken out from oven
Cut into pieces after some while...
And the outcome will be so so yummy !!!