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Friday, 5 May 2017

500th Post

#happymoments #aaharamrocks #Party_Time #Celebrations

Dearest Aaharians, In a short period of time, our Aaharam website has reached 500 posts with recipes / cuisines from various members of aaharam Group. This was possible only with your immense contribution to the group, to sustain our traditional dishes and other variety of cuisines from various parts of our country, to our followers.

This is the time to express my special thanks whole-heartedly to all of you Aaharians, right from the inception of the group to till date, my ex-admins, ex-friends, and all the present admins. We have reached a milestone on our website today 05/05/2017, reaching 500 posts and hope to reach further with more cuisines / recipes with a traditional touch to sustain for ever. Let me also try to assure that in near future you would have lot of video recipes which would be very easy too.

May I request you all at this juncture to pour in your ideas, suggestions, etc as to how to take it further heights....!!!

With namaskarams to all elders and Aaseervathams to youngers in this group.

I remain - Swaminatha Sharma with Malathi Swaminathan