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Friday, 5 May 2017


A lovely sweet from rich Bengali Cuisine made with Panner.....RAJBHOG....with Dryfruits filling .
Posted by : Lakshmi Vasanth
Posted on : 26/04/2017

Ingredients : Full cream milk - ½ litre , Vinegar / Lemon juice -2 tbsp, Sugar -2 cups,Water 5 cups,
Cardamom powder – 1tsp, Rose water – 2 tsp( optional) Maida – 1tblsp, Yellow colour, Dry Fruits- ¼ cup
Method : Pour the milk in a pan and allow to boil. Once the milk is boiled switch off the flame and allow to cool for 5 mins then add vinegar / lemon into it. Mix well.You can see the whey separate .Stain this in a muslin cloth. Give a wash as the vinegar smell needs to go and hang it so that water is drained. After 1 hour, the paneer will look a little crumbly.
In a blender take 1 tblsp of sugar and make a powder with cardamon . Now add the paneer to this mixture and give a nice blend
Remove the Panner from the blender and mend it for 3-5 mins with yellow colour to get a pliable dough. Make small balls and stuff the dry fruits in it and roll them without any holes in it
Take a wide pan add 2 cups of sugar and 4 cups of water put cardamom pieces, Rose water, yelow colour and bring to boil now slowly add the Panner balls and close with a lid and keep the flame in high for 8 mins and then lower the flame and cook for 15 mins Juicy Rajbhog is ready.....allow to cool .
Keep it in the fridge and serve after 8 hrs . The Rajbhog will be soft and juicy.