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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Microwave Mysorepak

Microwave Mysorepak
Posted by Usha Sivasankaran on 18/02/2016

1/2 cup Besan flour(sieved)
3/4 cup sugar -powder it nicely 
Cardamom powder is optional
Ghee-1/2 cup melted 
Milk 2tsp 
Greased small tray -1

Method:  Take a tbsp of melted ghee and mix with Besan flour nicely and microwave on high for one minute.nice aroma comes, remove.  Now add rest of the ghee and milk slowly and mix without forming any lumps.add sugar mix.  Microwave again for one minute on high .it will start thickening .you can see ghee floating on top.  Remove ,mix well with a spoon and again microwave for one more minute.  The mixture will start foaming and bubbling .this is the indication for transferring the mixture to the greased plate. (again u can microwave for another last 30 seconds, as the oven defer from one another.  Pour the mixture on to a greased tray. allow to cool for atleast 15minutes completely ...cut into square shapes. the extra ghee on the plate can be removed, and can be used in cooking.  Serve and enjoy.