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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Recipes on Cabbage


Bharathwaj Sairam  - Cabbage juice for indigestion problems..
Cabbage 1
Lemon 1
Ginger 1 small piece
Jaggery powder...
Take the finely chopped cabbage & then boil it for 20 min...switch off the gas...let it cool for 5 mins... Drain the water from the cabbage..blend it with ginger ...if it is required add more water...finely squeeze a lemon & add a Jaggery powder...

Pankagajam Durgaprasad - Drained water can be added to dilute . Its only vegetable stock and used in soups too.

Pankagajam Durgaprasad -  Cabbage onion curry
In a pan add oil , season with mustard, jeera, curry leaves, then add finely chopped onions, saute until it turns translucent, immediately add shredded cabbage, salt, turmeric powder, chilli powder and saute well until its done. Garnish with finely chopped corianded leaves. Goes well with plain rice, as a side dish for rotis, can stuff in breads, can be had with south indian meals too.
Can add finely chopped carrots and peas as well

Shankar MrsGowri - PD I do this for roties... Small difference I grind fried peanuts too... That gives a diff taste...

Pankajam Durgaprasad - Cabbage kootu 
In a subji cooker add payatham paruppu and cabbage with turmeric powder and add little water and pressure cook. Then after pressure releases add grounded paste ( coconut, jeera and gr chillies) and boil well adding salt. Then do seasoning with mustard, urad dhal , curry leaves and broken red chilli.

Akila Dilip - Recipe : Cabbage Rice 
Take 1 cup of basmati rice soak for 1/2 hr by the time chop cabbage finely and chop 1 onion and 2 green chillies. In a pan add some oil add jeera then add chopped green chillies , ginger and onions sauté for some time and add cabbage . To this add salt ( as needed ) , coriander powder( 1 tsp ), cumin powder ( 1 tsp ) , garam masala ( 1 tsp ) sauté till cabbage is cooked well add with the basmati rice with 1 1/2 cup of water and cook together in pressure cooker . Then once done garnish with coriander leaves and can also add grounded roasted peanuts .

Kalyani Yadavalli - Cabbage Vadai: Ingredients: 1/2 Cup kadalai paruppu, 1/2 Cup Ulutham paruppu, 2 tsp rice, 1 cup shredded cabbage, green chillies (depending on spice levels needed), ginger, salt. Directions: Soak kadalai paruppu, Ulutham paruppu and rice for atleast 2 hours (you can soak all together), grind with little water along with green chilllies and ginger. Add salt to taste, you can add karuveppelai too if you desire. Vadai thatti, deep fry in oil.

Lata Kumar - Cabbage thogayal
Cut the cabbage, wash it and keep a kadai add oil add 2 tsp urad dal, little bit of channa dal, 2-3 red chillies (depends on how spicy one can have), little tamarind...then fry till the dal turns golden brown...then add cabbage and fry a little....once it cools down grind it...add hing powder, one green chilli and salt while grinding it...

Annapoorani Ganesan  - Cabbage pakoras
1 cup chopped cabbage
½ cup gram flour/ besan
? cup rice flour
2 tabsp corn flour(option)
1 inch ginger piece, peeled and finely chopped
2 green chilli finely chopped
½ teaspoon chili powder.
¼ teaspoon turmeric powder
¼ teaspoon asafoetida powder
Salt to taste.
finely chopped coriander leaves 1 tabsp
Curry leaves 1 arc.
Oil for deep frying
Water for binding.
Chop cabbage finely. peel and chop the ginger very finely.Heat oil for deep frying.
Take gram flour, corn flour and rice flour in a mixing bowl
Add chili,turmeric, hing powder and salt.
Mix well.Add 1-2 teaspoons ghee hot oil. Mix well 
Add chopped cabbage,ginger , coriander leaves, curry leaves and mix well. 
Add little water to bind
Pinch small portions add slide in the hot oil.
Deep fry till golden brown.
Serve cabbage pakoda hot with coffee or tea.
Notes : You can add ¼ teaspoon ajwain in the mixture. It aids in digestion.

Soak brown channa well for few hours(Not kabooli channa) and cook on pressure cooker and keep aside.
Onion - 1 big size, chop into small pieces.
Cut cabbage into thin slices about 2 inch long.
Potato - on big size, cut into 1/2 inch cubes.
Green chilli, & ginger cut into small pieces.
In a pan fry in oil mustard seeds, jeera and turmeric powder and add cut onion and roast well. Now put cabbage and roast.
Now add potato pieces and salt, Stir together and close the pan with lid and cook in slow fire stirring in between.
When all mixes well , add boiled channa , a little crushed.
Keep in stove for five minutes in slow fire. Now remove from stove.
(Note: Do not crush channa too much)
(No water, If needed put extra , a little oil)

Rajalakshmi Venkiteswaran - Cabbage avial : chop cabbage and cook with little water, salt , turmeric powder. End la add yogurt/ butter milk, ground coconut+green chillies+ jeerakam . Thalikkarathukku coconut oil la curry 

Pankajam Durgaprasad - Cabbage ulundu vadai 
Soak urad dhal for 1/2an hr. Drain and grind to smooth fluffy batter. Add salt, gr chillies finely chopped, curry leaves, coriander leaves, cabbage shredded and mix well . Make vadai and deep fry in oil.

Bhuvaneswari Rajasekaran - Cabbage Adai:
Soak 1c channa dal, 1/4 c moong dal, 1/4 c toor dal. 1/2 c raw rice
Grind with salt n chillies. Add grated cabbage b4 making adai. Goes well with onion thogayal

Chitra Rajesh -  Cabbage paruppu usili
Soak equal amounts of toor dal and Channa dal with red chillies for an hour. Grind it to a coarse paste with salt. Meanwhile cook the cabbage with a pinch of salt. In a kadai , add enough oil and do the tempering with mustard and asadoetida powder , add the coarse paste and cook it covered with a lid. ( or steam it like idlis and crumble it) once it is done add the cabbage , mix well and garnish it with curry leaves

Madhuram Sai Cabbage paratha
Ingredients: wheat flour_2cup
shredded cabbage_1/2 cup,carrot_1 grated,methi leaves_1/4 cup,turnip_1grated,green chillies_3 cut into small pieces, salt to taste ,sugar_1tsp n add water,oil_ 2tsp n ghee_1/4 cup to make paratha.
Method :  Add oil n add all d vegetables n fry for 5mins n keep it aside.  Take wheat flour,salt,sugar n add vegetables n mix well add little oil n water n make a dough n then keep it aside for 10 mins n then make paratha.  Side dish : tomato sauce or any pickle.

Meena Srinivasan - Cabbage small pieces sa cut pannittu ooriya puzgungal arisi, siridhu puli, jeeragam and uppu seththu araichu kadaisila cabbage pottu suthhi eduththu thin na dosai panninaal romba tasty yaa irukkum. Thottukka eduvum Thevai illai.

Aruna Rao - Cabbage rice
Roast & Grind : Toor paruppu1/2 cup, Kadalai paruppu 1/3 cup, Dhaniya 1 tbsp, Perungayam a bit, Dry chillies, salt as required.
In oil, sauté Kadugu, U.paruppu, add chopped cabbage. When cooked, add the ground podi to it.
Mix it with hot rice. Garnish with coriander leaves & fried peanuts.

Usha Subramanian - Cabbage Parathas. 
In gradients. 
Grated cabbage ....1cup , Multigrain Atta ....2 cups.
Green chilli ....,2 nos.  Ginger ......1 inch piece.
Celantro .........chopped fine 4 table spoons.
Amchoor powder .....1 tea spoon  Dania jeera powder ........1 tea spoon.
A pinch of garam masala. Salt to taste. Curd for binding..
Mix all the ingredients into a stiff dough.Careful as the cabbage will leave water.Make Parathas with a little ghee on both sides.Serve with pickle and any dal and curds or u can have it just like that.Yummy for tiffin box also.

Revathy Viswanath -  cabbage Rolls. Ingredients: cabbage grated- i cup; carrot grated i cup; fry it in a kadai with salt and jeera daniya powded. keep it aside. Take maida, make a dough, roll it and make chappatis. Deep fry the chappatis into pooris, Take a poori, stuff the cabbage mix, roll it and put it in dosa tava, in slow heat cook it. My daughter's facovate item.

Meenakshy Viswanathan -  Cabbage vada
Cabbage finely chopped 
Onion finely chopped 
Green chilli based on spicy 
Ginger one small piece finely chopped 
Gram flour 1tbsp
Rice flour 2tsp
Mix all together without water. Flatten like vada. Fry in oil until golden brown. 
If still slightly water there add little extra gram flour

Prema Kannan  - Momo with cabbage ;
Cabbage - 1 cup
Carrot , beans - 1 cup
Onion - 2
Ginger , garlic -4 spns
Fr outer covering ; 
Maida , oil , salt.
Knead the dough lk roti dough. 
In a pan pour oil , saute ginger, garlic , onion , vegetables oneaftr another with salt . Finally add chilly sauce 3 spns. This masala shd b dry.
Now roll the dough in small chapathi shape nd fill the masala nd cover lk our kozhakattai nd steam it in idli thattu fr 7 mins. Serve with sauce ur momo is ready. An ideal snack fr evening.

Puvana Chandrasekaran 
I make cabbage kofta. mix gram flour, rice powder, chilli powder, salt .mix water enough to make pakoda consistency.make round balls and fry in oil of ur make gravy with tomato,onion,ginger,chilli powder,garam masala and salt.i don't use onion because my husband doesn't like onion or garlic.those who like can use both in their preparation.add little bit fresh cream to the gravy to give good flavour and taste.add the cabbage balls to the gravy ten to fifteen minutes earlier.this goes good with chapati,Puri or fried rice.

Sandhiya Viswanathan With regular aadai maavu, add finely chopped cabbage, and you can make moru moru adai. It tastes awesome.

Prema Kannan Multi purpose masala with cabbage.
Prepare a masal with cabbage, carrot, beans r peas , potatoe adding pepper pdr. V can prepare in large quatity n keep in fridge. It can b usedfr
1 : vegetable chapathi roll
2 . Masala poori by stuffing this nd frying.
3 . Vegetable uthappam
4 . By adding this to upma kozhakatai n v can do kozhakattai.
5 . Veg rice.
6. Sauting onion chutney nd addibg this v get a gravy fr chapathi.
7 . Momo.
For an evening snacks this masala is a very good one. 
Advantage; is no need to add onion wen v add cabbage .
1. One tym add dhaniya pdr n chilly pdr 
2 . Nxt tym by adding garam masala
3 . Jus pepper pdr.
V will get different taste. 
Kutties r liking this very much

Shoba Balasubramaniam - Cabbage rolls in besan dip: take out the full leaf from the cabbage, wash and boil it in water with salt, till it becomes palpable. Boil potato and green peas separately, mash them together adding salt, chat masala,finely cut green chillies. Now make small balls from these and keep it as a stuffing in a cabbage leaf, roll and keep aside. 
Now make a batter from besan flour add chilli powder, salt. It should be like bajji Maav. 
Now dip the cabbage roll into the besan batter and deep fry like bajji.
Though the appearance is not appealing, the taste is awesome. 
Makes a sumptuous evening snack

Yashodara Ramurthy - Cabbage salad
Wash nd cut the cabbage. As fine as you can ( cabbage kkul irukkum pinju portion ) boil water and add chopped cabbage. With salt cover the pan nd swetch offthe gas. After 5 minuts drain the water. Keep aside for few minuts. Heat the pan. Add oil 1/4. Teaspoon. And add musterd nd green chily. Fry it for few second add. Finely choped capsicum fry it for 2 minuts swich off the gas nd add it in cabage.  Finaly add. Choped letuce nd pepper powder. Nd few drps of lemon juice.  Mix well.  it very healthy. Nd tasty

Malathy Shyamsundar Cabbage kofta: cut cabbage , wash and to this add besan( enough to bind them to bind them). Add salt little green chillies. Bind and make small pakodas. This itself is very tasty to eat. Now make gravy using onion, ginger, garlic and tomatoes. Add water(a little more as koftas will absorb the liquid in gravy). Just before serving add the koftas.

V Usha Sunder - Cabbage pappu kura. Soak moongdal. Chop cabbage finely. Heat oil splutter mustard seeds add urad dal red chillies jeera cabbage and washed and drained moongdal. Sprinkle ltl water close and allow the cabbage and dal to cook with a dry texture without sticking to the bottom. Add turmeric powder and salt. Simmer for some time. Goes well with rice and chapathi. Andhras usually start thr meal with curry rice (kura annam). This curry is both dry and juicy.

Divya Gopalakrishnan Cabbage curry...grind 1/2 cup coconut, curry leaves,greenchilles and keep it aside...finely chop cabbage.and keep fresh peas a kadai..add oil ,add mustard, add the grinded items and sauté for few mins,then add washed peas and cabbage, and add little water and required salt and close with lid until its cooked..this recipe is simple but curry tastes like in hotel..thanx

Sornalakshmi Kumar Cabbage kootu
Bowl la cut saida cabbage+tometo+g.chillies boil sai. Kadai la oil vittu urid dal fry sai. Jar la urid dal+zeera+coconut+coriander leves araithu. Cabbage il vidu .Vega vatha toor dal add sai. Kadugu + curry leaves thalikkanum

Radha Viswanath - Cabbage til fry
Dry fry til seed and red chilli Grind coarsely, Now ina kadai add oil and splutter white urad dal,and cut the cabbage in to small pieces and add cabbage and haldi powder and salt and get it cooked ,and just five minutes before removing from the oven add the til chilli powder.

Annapoorani Ganesan  -  the Cabbage manchurian or chines pakode wirh sezuan gravy.
chinese pakora
corn flour 2 tab sp
maida 1 tab
chopped cabbage, (carrot,capsicum,spring onion whited and greens) each 1/2 cup
(chopped ginger, garlic green chilli) each 1 tsp
Kashmiri red chilli powder 1/2 tsp
red food colour
oil for deep fry
salt to taste

For Red sauce
butter 1 tabsp
(chopped cabbage, garlic, capsicum, ginger, green chilli) each 1/2 tsp
corn flor 1 tabsp mixed with 1 cup of water .
(soya sauce, green and red chilli sauce, white vinegar) each 1 tsp

Method :  Boil some water in a bowl, add cabbage, capsicum, carrot blanch for few minutes.(dont cook too much)  drain all the water, add salt to taste and keep aside for 5 minutes.( don't throw the extra water).  Then squeeze out all the water from the vegetables.  Take a bowl,add maida, besan, corn flour, chilli powder, pepper powder,red colour.   Mix well, add the vegetables, spring onions,chopped ginger , garlic and mix all together well.  Add the drained extra water to it ( as required, don't add too much water). and make the pakoda batter.  Heat the oil in a kadai, put the pakodas into it with your hsnd or a spoon.(don't make crowd).  deep fry them until goldn brown and placem on a absorpant paper towel to drain excess oil.  Do repeatedly all the batter batchwise. 

Red sauce method :  heat 1 tabsp butter, add chopped cabbage,capsicum, garlic, ginger, some spring onion white and saute for 2 minutes.  Add green chilli sauce, red chilli sauce,tomato sauce soya sauce, vinegar and mix well.  add salt to taste.Mix well.  take one cup of water ( including drained water), add 1 tab sp corn flour and red food colour .  Mix well and cook for 1 min.  Add spring onion greens and keep aside.  Place the pakodas on a serving plate, pour some gravy on them and garnish with chopped cabbage and frid noodles.