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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Recipes on White Pumpkin - Pusanikkai

Padma Ramani 
Agra petha which is a speciality of Agra is made of white pumpkin. Pumpkin is cut in big peices, soaked for a few hours in lime water( sunnambu thani) then boiled in water till transperent and dropped in one thread consistency sugar syrup. Cardomom, kesar can be added to the syrup. In a little thicker syrup it dries up like boondi ladoo. We get both varietys, the dry ones as well as with syrup..

Supriya Ravikumar - Can make elavan molagootal, grind raw ashgourd and added curd green chillies tampered wih mustard and hing, salt ..yummy raitha ready...can make irupuli adding both buttermilk and lil tamarind..certain people add riceflour or besan flour for thickening. .

Keerthy Raman - Poshanikai vadai which can be dipped in sambar,morkozgambu etc..
1.Peel the skin of white Poshanikai n deseed it
2.grate it n squeeze the water content a vessel add chilly powder,hing, salt,gram flour, n grated pushanika n mix well
4.heat oil n fry them till it turns golden brown 
Dip the fried vadais before you serve the sambar

Subha Sivakumar - Pumpkin raita - grate pumpkin, squeeze extra water. Add curd, salt, tempering. Mix well. Finally add fresh curry leaves and coriander leaves.

Subhapradha Badrinath -  Posani pachadi: ingredients: posanikai cut into small cubes and cooked drain the excess water : 1cup, grated coconut: 1tbspn, green chilly :1 or 2 according to ur taste, jeera 1/4 tspn ..grind to paste grated coconut, green chilles and jeera...add this to the cooked pusani then add one cup of thick curd and salt....thaalika : in a coconut oil add kaduku, jeera, curry leaves and hing...

Prema Kannan - Elavan mulagootal ; cook paasiparuppu r thuvar dhal with white pumbkin. (Cut into small cubes ) 
Grind coconut, 2red chilly , jeeragam . 
Mix this with cooked veg.add salt.
Saute in coconut oil mustard nd ulutham paruppu.
Prema Kannan - Elavan kadala paruppu kootu ;
Cut pumpkin pressure cook with 4 tbspn kadala paruppu.
Boil with salt , lle jaggery.
In 2 spn rice powder add 3 spn coconut nd sprinkle in this. 
Saute in coconut oil mustard, 4 redchilly , perungayam , curry leaves. 
Goes well with more kootan . Maangai kootan.
Prema Kannan - Elavan chenai kootu kari.
100 gms pumpkin 
100 gms chenai
Pressure cook this aftr cutting.
Pressure cook thuvar dhal. U shd not add water more . Only very very lle u can add.  Mix these two add salt and oru achu vellam.grind coconut , 1 redchilly , jeera nd mix this .  Saute mustard , urad dhal , 1red chilly , curry leaves , 3 spoon coconut . Coconut shd turn red in coconut oil.  Pour 2spns of coconut oil.

Malathi Vedagiri -  Vada maavu kilaru tu athulla poosanikka skin a podiya narukki pottu killu vadam just like vengaya vadam vekkalam. Wait till ratha saptami. Then Motta madi will be ours.

Kalyani Raman - Poosanikkai pachadi This is another version . First pumpkin white should grated and squeeze excess water from. Then add this this to thick curd and Add salt and slightly blend it with hand blender .Then in pan heat oil and splitter mustard hing and add to pachadi. Last in the same pan in little oil fry Malayalam vathel till dark golden brown and just crush this to coarse powder and this to curd. Serve

Shankar Mrs. Gowri - PUMPKIN OATS SOUP: 

Cook tomato oats carrots beans and a cup full of white pumpkins with salt and turmeric powder... 2 whistles... Mash it well...  In a pan add butter put jeera and half cup of thinly cubed onions... Give a fry... ( if u like u can add 1/4 tsp ginger garlic paste... ) then finely mash the items in the cooker.... Add it to the pan...add 1/2 spoon chilli powder and 1/4 tsp garam masala... If u want u can add half cup water...allow it to boil until the raw smell goes... Add salt and pepper should be like Semi gravy...add finely chopped coriander and mint leaves... U can take it instead of your breakfast.... Low calorie... Stomach fulling food... Which helps u in weight loss...  

Shankar Mrs. Gowri -  Grind white pumpkin one cup and half cup cucumber with salt and hing green chilli and curry leaves... Mix it to buttermilk....very good energy drink for summer.

Doraiswamy Chandra - White pumpkin one cup and chenai one cup and kaadalaiparuppu 2 table spoon. Pressure cook them.little thengai n jeera 1 red chilli grind and mix them and boil. Kadaiil coconut oil vittu kaduku urad dall pottu thengaithuruval pottu sivakkavaruthu podavum. Koottu kari ready.

Raman AK - The squeezed water from the pumpkin can be added to buttermilk and drink as it quench thirst and good for health.

V Usha Sunder -  Pooshnika koottu. Soak ltl hana dall peel deseed and cut pooshnika into small pieces. Cook pooshnika pieces and soaked chana dal wth ltl water. Grind coconut jeera green chillies and salt wth some water add this paste to cooked mix of pooshnika and chana dal wth ltl more water and boil till blended. Season wth mustard seeds urad dal. Garnish with curry leaves and coriander leaves. Good side dish for chapathi.

Lata Kumar - Olan.... Cut yellow pumpkin, white pumpkin in square pieces, add carrot and 2-3 green chillies....add water and salt...allow it to cook....then add coconut oil (for taste)....

Malathy shyam sunder - Pooshanikai potta kuzhambu vadam. Pooshanikai grate. Squeeze out water. In that water soak tuvaram paruppu, kadalai paruppu and ur ad dal. Grind with red chillies salt, and perungayam (not smooth paste) to this add the grated pooshanikai. Make small balls and dry them in the sun. Kuzhambu vadam is ready

V Usha sunder - Grate white pumpkin. Fry in ghee. Add sugar and stir till thick. Garnish with dry fruits. V easy to mk.
V Usha Sunder - Gummadikai vadiyalu. Soak urad dal grind wth salt green chillies mix gummadikai pieces well make small flat vadams dry in hot sun deep fry in oil. This is an andhra delicacy.

Kalyani Raman -  Poosani pulipoo koottu
1 pressure cook 1/4 kg pumpkin which is cut into cubes along with Channa dal, thoor dal, and ground nut each 2spoons . Then in a pan out oil and fry 1/2taps urud dal, coriander seeds 1 spoon, little channa dal, fenugreek 1/4 spn, red chillies. 4 nos, hing , grated coconut 2 spns , 1/4 black pepper 1/4 pan, grind these with tamarind and req salt to a fine paste. In the same pan add 1 spn coconut oil splitter mustard curry leaves and 2 whole red.chillies, and add the cooked pumpkin dal mixture. Then add the paste., mix.nicely. Allow it to boil for 5 to 10 minutes . This is pulippoo kootu. Goes well with rice. For side dish pappad or medu vadai suits the best.

Preetha Balachendar - White pumpkin juice
Peel white pumpkin .make into pieces.grind it along with buttermilk, curry leaves, asaefotida .then add squeezed will be awesome.  Same ingredients ,instead of white pumpkin,we can add gooseberries...will be yummy!!

Sandhya Viswanathan - White poosanikai dry curry. 
Soak kadalai paruppu oru kaipidi for 1 hour.
Cut poosani into small cubes.  In a pan/kadai thalichufy kadugu, red chili 2-3, with karivepilai. Add the poosani soaked kadalai paruppu.  Add little haldi. Cover and let both cook. Don't add water, but keep it moist so that both gets cooked. When 3/4th done, add salt n let it cook for 5 more minutes. At this stage you can add fresh grated coconut (optional). Let all cook for few seconds more and then poosanikai dry curry is ready to be served.

Koushik Jois - Aralusandige is an authentic karnataka vadam... Mix 1 Ltr aralu /puffed paddy(rice), coarse chillies, corriader leaves, grated/small boodugumbala pieces without water, Sabudana ganji, salt & make into Masala vadam shapes, sundry & deep-fry in oil.

Lakshmi Vasanth - Yelavan Kichidi ## - Take boiled Yelavan- 1 cup, to this add 1/2 tsp Mustard seeds, 3 Green Chillies, 1/2 cup Coconut . Blend all together in a blender. Then to this add 1 cup curd, salt. The consistency should be as raita. Mix well. Give tadka of Mustard seeds, REd chillies, Curry leaves.

Sharnaya Balachandran - Pushanikkai Race. Cut pushanikkai into small cubes, cook it. Add cooked Moong dhal .Blend coconut and green chillies and add it with pushanikkai and dhal, koottu maari oru kodhi... Season with Curry leaves and mustard in coconut oil. Finally add lemon juice- 2 teaspoons. This dish goes well with Chapati as well as rice.

Jayashree Guruvaraprasad -  Pusanikaai subzi 
Tomato-3 small size
Grated coconut
Red chillies
Jeera seeds
Garam masala powder
Seimurai:  Oru kadai eduthukondu adil oil ootri kadugu,uluthamparuppu thalitha piragu vengayam,thakkali pottu vadakkavum.vadangiya piragu cut panni vaitha pusanikaai pottu vadakavum siridu vendapiragu araikka kodutha porutkalai 
Araithu serkavum.nanraga muzgum alavirkku neerai ootri vegavidavum.nanraga vendu light thick gravy pol varum bodu sugar mattrum salt pottu kalakki adupai simmil vaithu yerakavum.kothamalli thazhaigalai thoovi parimaravum.idu chappathikku nalla side dish.

Pushkala Prakash - Elavan olan
Soak red payarru for sometime and pre. cook keep aside slice the pumpkin in thin slices wash addthe cooked payarru salt one or two broken green chillies salt and cook till pumpkin cooks then add a little coconut milk and raw coconut oil