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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Recipes on Ridge Gourd


Suvarna Shankar Peerkangai togayal 
Ingredients :  Peerkangai 2 nos roughly scraped 
U . Dal 2 tbs
Hing a pinch 
Salt to taste 
Red chili - 3-4 according to spice level 
Method :  In a pan take oil add red chillies, hing and then the u parruppu fry till golden brown now add the peerkangai cubes and close the lid keep the flame in sim .   The vegetable will get soft and now u can let it cool down .  Now put it in the mixer and grind it smooth.  Now u can transfer the mixture into a bowl and temper it with mustard seeds and u.dal. 
Notes : Variation u can add coriander leaves too while cooking the veggie . It will add flavor . Some like a spoon of coconut too . It just depends on each ones flavor and likes . 

Suvarna Shankar Peerkangai roti 
Peerkangai 1 nos roughly scrapped 
Turmeric powd 1 pinch 
Chappatti atta as per your requirement 
Method :  In a pan add chopped peerkangai add salt and turmeric cook it really well the let it cool now pure it in the mixer Add the purée to the Chappati dough and kneed it well u may need less water so add accordingly u may add salt if u still need . Now make small balls and roll it to make rotis 
Variation : Some people add green chilles ginger garlic paste while cooking the veggie it depends again on taste

Rekha Prakash 
Beerakaya peel chutney: wash n clean the peel of one beerakaya. Heat 1tsp oil and roast 1/2 tsp urad dal, 1tsp chana dal, little dhaniya, jeera, red chillies, coconut, salt, little tamarind. Garlic can be added if required. Keep aside after it's roasted well. Add beerakaya peel to the same pan n add water n cook till it's soft. Once done, grind in a mixer. Temper with mustard seeds, hing, curry leaves, chana dal n urad dal.

Anuradha Jairaj 
I Kolkota based, prepare Jhinga posthu, i.e, peerkkangai kurma...yummy for roti or rice....peel & cut into big pieces....prepare masala paste of gasagasa or poppy & cashewnuts soaked in little hot milk, little ginger n2 green chillies,daniya ,jeera etc ...fry in little oil, add veg...cook well..add little garam masala powder...

Geetha Ramadurai 
peerkangai with chana dal ( kadalai paruppu). 1/2 cup kadala paruppu, 2 large p. kai cut into cubes,2 onions, 3-4 pods of garlic ( optional), 2 tomtoes cut into pieces,2 green chillies .METHOD--take a small cooker , pour a tablespoon of oil , add jeer...See More

Banumathy Kannan 
peerkangaai masiyal peerkangaai ::: Take 4 nos. Remove the skin and cut it into small pices. Fry in a kadaai and 2tsp 2tsp heat sesame Oil kadalai paruppu, 2 Tsp Toor dal, 1 Tsp black gram, with 2 Tsp corianderseeds, methi 4 1/2 Tsp red Chillies, 2 green chillies and small piece ginger with 1/2 tsp hinge powder till the colours of the dals change into golden brown. grind this with one lemon size tamarind, 1/2 tsp jaggery powder 1/4 coconut, grind it in the mixie. now in 2 tsp sesame oil fry the chopped peerkangaai after mustard spluttered till it becomes spongy type. now add the ground mixture with required water, turmeric powder and salt 1 tsp and boil till you get enjoyable flavour. add curry leaves. lemon juice 1 to 2 tsp can be added for additional taste. now the peerkangaai masiyal is ready. you can prepare masiyal with senai kizhangu, potatos and karunai kizhangu in the same manner.can be used like sambaar and side dish for chapathi, dosai etc.

Sujaya Anand
Perkangai Varan : Cook a cup of tur dal in a pressure cooker .take a frying pan with little oil .add mustard seeds,hing,turmeric powder,green chilies slit ,curry leaves and finely chopped perkangai.fry and cook the vegetable .add the cooked Dal and salt to taste. Allow to boil. finely garnish with finely chopped coriander leaves and few drops of lemon juice .serve hot along with steamed rice ,lemon pickle and pappadams ...

Ragavi Sathish We can make peerkangai adai!.. normal adai receipe la peerkangai cut panni adai seiva.. it tastes yummy!!! Otherwise we can grind peerkangai itself with adai maavu.. its also tastes good and the colour of adai ll be lightly green..

Ragavi Sathish 
Peerkangai pachadi: cut peerkangai into small cubes.. heat a pan, add mustard seeds, urad dhal, green chilli in oil, fry till color comes, then add chopped peerkangai, fry till cooked well, add curry leaves, perungayam.. lastly add this mixture to the fresh curd with required salt.. 
Tastes gud!!!!!!!

Malathy Shyamsundar 
Peerkangai Bhaja. Cut peerkangai to half cm thick round slices. Sprinkle little salt and leave aside for 10 min. In a bowl take 2 tbsp kadalsi mavu, half tbsp arici mavu, salt to taste, turmeric and chilli pwd, onion seeds. Mix and let it be dry . coat the peerkangai pieces in this dry pwd and shallow fry in a tawa. Tastes yummy

Ramanathan Subramaniam
Slightly rub out the ridges of the skin and peel the skin separately, roast ulathamparuppu and kadalai paruppu along ripened chilly,tamarind fry the removed skin and grind coarse or idhichu thogayyal panna sappida super.

Shyamala Krishnamurthy 
We make peerkangai chutney first peel the skin of peerkangai and nicely wash and keep aside,then in a pan put oil in that put Urdu dhal,red chilli and roast till the dhal is golden,take it out now put the washed peerkangai in that oil and sauté for a while allow it to cool down,now in the blender put the fried dhal red chilli,and assafourtida,little tamarind,add salt and grind then put the peerkangai,and little cilantro,nicely grind everything together,take it out from the blender,this will go for chappati,rice,dosa,enjoy making it

Banu Nagarajan 
Stuffed Ridge gourd with panner. Peel the skin lightly and Cut 3 inch long. Remove the white mass little so that it looks like cylinder with holes on both sides. In kadai fry onion ginger garlic , add chilli powder, daniya powder jeera powder , garam masala amchur powder fry and then white mass removed from RG. After its cooked add required salt and grated panner . Mix well. Stuff this masala into the cylindrical RGs. keep thosea stuffed ones horizontally in a nonstick kadai with little oil along with the remaing masala with little water and close the lid . Remove the lid after its cooked and keep n the stove for 2 mnts. Add corinder leaves and milk cream (optional). Tasty Panner stuffed RG ready with phulkas.

Malathi Vedagiri Peerkankai kootu
Peel and boil peerkankai with lil coconut oil a tsp jeera and salt. Take a ilupa chatting add lil oil 2green chillies 1tbsp Chennai dal and konjam coconut. Boiled thuvaram paruppu optional. RuBoiled thuvaram paruppu illena innoru tsp kadala paruppu roast panni arachi vittu ponga vittu kootu ready. Season kadugu jeera urid dal curry leaves in coconut oil. Intha kootukku araikkum pothu kotha malli stem kooda arachi vittu nanna irukkum

Pushpa Kannan We can make peerkangaai gothsu also
Peerkangaai -1
Greenchillies and ginger-2 
Sambar powder 
Turmeric powder
Katti peringayum- small
Take a kadayi add nal ennai put kadagu, urad dal and fry peringayum first then onions chopped ginger and green chillies fry well then add chopped peerkangaai chopped fry well and tamarind water boil it well add sambar powder salt and little turmeric powder boil well once it thickens add little sugar or vellam and serve with ven pongal arisi upma and dosas.

Padma Goswami 
We prepare peerkangai vattal...cut peerkangai peels into moderate pieces.pickle in sour curds added salt, turmeric and hing..Allow it to stay for two days in curds.Then dry the peels and again add to the curd left over if any.Dry until in a tin.Fry and serve.

Padma Goswami
Peerkangai paratha..method.saute peerkangai pieces with green chillies in oil.add salt.when the mixture is done allow it to cool and grind.Take atta add some jeera/ til and a little chilli powder if u are particular about the colour..knead atta with the ground peerkangai .Roll out into chapatis and roast on PAN using oil both the sides..serve with tomato sauce or masala curds

Padma Goswami 
In Andhra for bajji peerkangai slices are smeared with green chillies and coriander chutney before dipping into batter..They taste excellent too

V Usha Sunder 
Beerakaya masala kura - my mils recipe. Fry urad dal chana dal red chillies in ltl oil and powder wth salt after cooling. Fry onions in oil till transparent. Add this to the powdered dal and red chillies and mk a paste. Meanwhile fry peeled and washed ridge gourd pieces in oil till all the water evaporates. Add the ground masala and ltl more oil mix well cover with lid stir now and then cook on low flame till curry turns brown and semi solid. Goes well with chapathis.

Shobha Balasubramaniam 
Peerthagai kootu :  Cut peerthagai into two inch pieces and along with little green gram dhal, add little turmeric and cook in the pressure cooker for two whistles.   Dry roast 7_8 black pepper, little urad dhal, 4_5 red chillies and grind adding little jeera and 3_4 tbsp coconut adding little water. Now transfer the cooked peerthagai to a vessel, place it on gas stove, add salt allow it to boil for a few minutes. Then add the ground paste. Temper with mustard, urad dhal, curry leaves, hing.  Makes an awesome combination with rotis, with plain rice, with sambar rice

Padma Srinivasan 
Peerkangai paal kootu  :  Same procedure as ordinary kootu. Only difference is after peeling boil peerkai in coconut milk. Later add green chilly and jeera. Add vendha paasiparupu and salt and let it simmer for 2 mnts. It's ready

Raji Venkatesan 
peerkangai koottu- peel n cut d veg in cubes, boil it fr few mts with turmeric powder, den add sakt , meantime grind coconutm green chillie n jeera, add the paste, then add boiled thoordal,

Raji Venkatesan 
peerkangai dal- peel n cut peerkangai into small pieces, put oil fry mustard seeds, uruddal, green chillies, n peerkangai, aftr veg boils, add salt and vendha pasiparuppu.  Forgot to add turmeric powder in peerkangai dall, add turmeric powder pls

Prema Pattabiraman 
Peerkangai tholai thuvayal pannalam kadugu u.paruppu. m.vatral p.kayam varuthu pragu p.tholai nantraka vathakki puli uppu serthu Araithal suparaka irukkum

Yashodhara Ramurthy 
Peerkkangai. Rotti sabji. With cashio gravy
Peerkkangai thol cheevi. Oru thundam vayil pottu kondu ksakkirada yenru parttu kollavum. Okb yenral pidiyaga narukki kollavum. Aduppil vanoli potru. Kaindadum. 1 teaspoon yennei vittu. Jeeragam irandu pachhai milaagai talittu. Podiya narukkiya vengayam thakkali setthu nangu vadakki kollavum. 
Narukkiya. Peerkkangai thundangalai serthu 2. Nimidam vadakki kollavum
Uppu. Manjal podi. Karam. ( thevYana. Alavu) sethu siridu thanneer serthu. 10 nimidam vega vidavum. Nangu vendadum. 10. Mundiri. 1 teaspoon. Kasakasa sethu maiyaga. ( smooth past )) araithu. Vizhudai peerkkangayil sekkavum
Nangu kodikka vidavum. Serndu kodittadum aduppai anaittu vidavum. 
Melaga. Podiyaga arinda. Kottamalli. Fresh cream siridu sertthu alangarikkavum

Gomathi Vishwakumar 
Peerkangai thogayal is our favorite.. I roast channadal, urad dal (equal ratio) red chilly, Hing, Till, curry leaf in little coconut oil.. Then sauté the peerkangai (peeled ) in little coconut oil.. We can add mint and cilantro too. I just sauté that mildly too.. Then powder the dry stuff first with tamarind and salt..after powdering that then add peerkangai , cilantro and mint.