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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Recipes on Drumstick


Malathy Shyamsundar - Drumstick paratha. Cut drumstick into 3 in pieces, boil. Take out the pulp and it along with green chilies, ginger. Add salt, garam masala pwd and dhania leaves. To this add wheat flour and knead. Make paratha. Tastes yummy

Chandrika Desigan - Drumstick soup - Boil the DS and remove the flush. Take a tsp of oil and splutter some mustard. Add to it some pods of garlic...(garlic is must since it gives the spl taste and aroma).....add to it some green chillies.....nowadd the DS flush to it along with required amount of water to make it soup consistency.add the salt as required.boil it for few minutes till all the aroma is absorbed.don't over cook it......serve it with garnishings of green is very healthy and tasty.......don't overboil the DS too.keep its fresh taste locked........

Annapoorani Ganesan -  Drumstick Salaan
2 onions, 3 tomatoes, 1/4ginger 4-5 and red chilli 2 ..add all in a mixture and make a smooth paste.  Chop brinjal and drumstick.  Take a wok, add some oil & temper cumin seed and the paste..saute till u see the oil leaving up by add hing n haldi, 2spoons of rassam powder, salt and little jaggery (optional ) add drumstick n brinjal and let it be all covered with the masala....add water and allow it to cook....garnish with fresh corianders n grated fresh coconut  Serve with steam rice.

Prema Kannan - Murunga kaai erussery:
Cut and cook drumstick in water with salt nd turmeric .  Cook 100 gms of dhuvar dhall.  Ground 1 cup coconut , 1/2 spn jeeragam , 2 red chilly to nice paste.  Now add mashed thuvar dhall , ground cpconut with cooked drumstick nd boil.  Saute in coconut oil with mustard, urad dhal nd a cup.of coconut till it changes to red in colour.

Chellam Moorthy - Murungaikai thoran .Murungaikai sambar uku cut pannaramathirea cut panni,turmeric powder salt pottu cook pannavum.oru kataila oil pottu kaduku ulundu curry vepillai thalichu. Cook pannina Kai podavum.konjam thenka jeerakam kanjamilagai mixila korakorapa arachu potavum.

Kay Ganapathi -  Drumstick Soup
1 cup drumsticks pulp (Boil drumstick pieces till it becomes soft)
1 onion chopped (white onion)
1 tsp ginger-garlic paste
2 tsp oil
2 tsp ghee
1/4 tsp Jeera
2 cups milk
1 tsp plain flour/Maida
salt and freshly ground black pepper powder to taste
1. Heat the oil in a kadai.
2. Add onions and sauté till they turn translucent.
3. Add the ginger-garlic paste, mix well and sauté for few more seconds.
4. Add the drumstick pulp, mix well, cover and cook till the pulp is cooked.
5. Set aside.
6. In another pan, add ghee and when it is hot, add jeera and maida and sauté for few seconds.
7. Maida will change to a beige color.
8. Add milk gradually and mix well without any lumps.
9. Pour this mixture into the drumstick pulp.
10. Boil till the soup becomes thick.
11. Add salt and pepper, mix well and serve hot.

Ravi Ramamoorthy - Murungakai poricha kootu
1.murungakai 10 cut into pieces sambarkku narukkaramathiri
2.pasi paruppu 200gm

For grinding
Coriander seeds 2 spoons
Kadalai paruppu half spoon
Hing one small piecr
Milagai vathal 4 or 5
Coconut half moodi
Ellam ennai vittu varukkavum
Pasiparuppu venthathum murungakai uppu manjal podi pottu veka vakkavum. Venthathum athil ataicju vittathu pottu nanna 10 minutes kothichathum irakki kaduku urud dall kariveppillai thalichu irakki chootans sathathil konjam ney vittu pesanju sapittal.......

Akhila Parvathy - We can make drumsticks and potato masala gravy. Just cut drumsticks as for sambar and potato lengthwise and add to normal gravy like for chenna masala or paneer and cook. Very tasty with phulkas and rice.

Bala Meenakshi -  Drumstick Cashewnut curry (Andhra Wedding Special) - Semi dry gravy for plain rice; suitable for parties n get-togethers; In earlier times, amount of Cashews used was the symbol of dignity and wealth 
Drumstick Cashewnut curry (Mulakkada jeedipappu Kura)
Quantity: Serves 4 – 5
1 ¼ cup of thinly sliced onions 
3 large tender & fresh drumsticks (cut to finger length) 
¾ cup of cashews soaked in warm water for 1 hr 
2 green chilies slit 
1 tbsp. ginger garlic paste 
2 medium sized potatoes peeled and cubed (I prefer only drumsticks as the taste differs with potatoes, so add less water for pressure cooking while you don't add potatoes with drumsticks)
1 tsp red chili powder 
1 tbsp. biryani masala powder 
Salt to taste 
45 ml peanut oil 
1 sprig of curry leaves 
¼ tsp mustard 
¼ tsp Cumin / Jeera 
4 green cardamoms 
Method: (you can also add only drumsticks and ignore potatoes to see the difference between two preparations – with potatoes and without them)
1. Pressure cook drumsticks and potatoes with salt and very less water for 1 whistle on a medium flame. I just add approximately ½ cup water 
2. Heat a deep pan with oil and add curry leaves, cardamom, mustard, cumin and green chilies. Sauté for a min. 
3. Add the onions and fry on medium flame till they turn completely brown, not burnt, at this stage, you can see the oil oozes out. (Must fry the onions and not cook). 
4. Add ginger garlic paste and sauté quickly, if you fry it for long time, the curry can taste bitter as the onions are already brown and do not have moisture in them. 
5. Now add cashews, masala Powder and chili powder, fry for a min and pour the stock that is left in drumsticks and potatoes. Set the drumsticks and potatoes aside. 
6. When this mix comes to a boil, add these pressure cooked veggies. 
7. Mix well and cook till the veggies are done and no water is left. Adjust the method to cook at this stage, if your potatoes and drumsticks are not fully cooked during the pressure cooking, cover and cook till they are cooked fully. But if they are already cooked, just cook on a high flame for the moisture to evaporate. 
8. Drumstick cashew curry tastes best after 2 hours of preparation. Serve hot with plain rice. 
Notes: I use little bit Poppy seeds paste and a small amount of dessicated coconut for giving extra taste and flavour. But take care not to add any of these in huge quantity. I use less oil for this but it is upto you.

Poornima Sudarsan - This is my mil's yummy drumstick masala curry: chop boil drumstick with salt keep aside. Grind garlic red chillies onion and grated coconut together. In a kadai add 2 tbl spoon oil add mustard seeds n saunf (optional) add the grind ingredients and salt cook until raw smell goes finally add d cooked drumstick sauté for few mins.

Rajmohan Krithiga - My minlaw' s minlaw recipe... brinjal, drumstick jeera kootu... heat pan , put coconut oil 4 tabsp, put jeera, add chopped brinjal, drumstick, tomato(optional).. one by one.. then add salt, turmeric powder, sambar powder.. fry well. Add tamarind juice& boil till raw smell goes...finally add boiled dhal(thuvaram paruppu)... boil for sometime...ready to eat...