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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Recipes on Beet-Root

Various Recipes on BEET-ROOT / CHUKANDAR

Subhapradha Badhrinath 
Beetroot kootu
Boil beetroot and adhul irundhu iru kaipidi eduthu adha nudan thengai thuruval konjam oru pachchai minlagai and jeera a little bit serthu..make a fine paste...In a kadai add one tspn of coconut oil and then add kaduku hing curry leaves...then boiled cubed beetroot...saute for a minute u have u use the water which u have used to boil the beetroot one tumbler and then add the grinded paste and salt..let this boil for few mins....kootu ready....

Sujaya Anand 
Beetroot soup :
Cut one big beets,two tomatoes,one medium sized onion,carrot (optional) into big chunks .take little butter in a pan ,add bay leaf,cinnamon bark small piece,peppercorns few,then the vegetables .fry for few seconds,then add water and allow to cook by closing the lid .once veggies are cooked allow to cool and blend .
Strain the mixture and transfer into a pan add salt to taste, 1/2tsp sugar,red chili powder(optional) check the consistency.boil for few minutes ,garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot ...(adding ginger and garlic is optional )

Chitra Rajesh 
Beetroot Chutney 
Cut beetroot into small cubes add 1 inch ginger piece reqhired salt and grind it. Finally add few drops of lemon juice , mix well. Chutney is ready. I learnt it from a natural food workshop. The best part is no cooking required and for spice we are using only ginger and no chillies. Goes well with dosa and chappathi

Asha GM 
Beetroot saaru - Cook beets and toor dal together, mash well. Boil tamarind water with rasam powder, salt. Add cooked dal, beets, boil. Add coriander leaves, curry leaves, tadka with mustard seeds, hing.

Maragatham Ganesan 
Beetroot sweet. Take beetroot peel the skin and grate it in grater. Then in Kauai put one spoon of ghee and salute the beetroot. We can add little water to cook. After cooked add jaggery and elachi . For flavour add two spoon sugar. If you like you can add fried cashew also. It can use as sweet pachadi, as jam for chaplain dosai.

Trichur Subbaraman Jaisree Kedhar 
Beetroot sambhar... Cook beetroots with salt and keep it aside..take tamarind salt sambhar podi perugayam and let it boil well till the raw smell goes.. Add the beetroot and boiled thuvar dhal and let it boil for few nts..switch off and thalichifi kaduk menthiyam and curry leaves..garnish kothanalli...

Sarayu Rajesh 
Beetroot Kootu-
Boil beetroot along with moong dhal.2 beetroot cut into small cubes with small cup of dhal.fry in little oil 1 1/2 tbs urad dhal,1/2 tsp black pepper,1 red chilli,little hing,1/2 tsp of cumin seeds(need not fry this) and grind into fine powder if you like u can add 1tbs of coconut and grind into a paste.Once the beets are cooked add the ground powder/paste add enough water and boil for some time.can adjust salt and pepper to your taste,in little oil kadugu and uluthamparuppu thalichu kodhikum kootil vidavum.If its thin can add little rice flour in 1 tbs of milk and add.thats can mix with hot rice and eat.very tasty

Gayathri Jayaraman 
Beetroot poricha kootu: 
Heat a pan add oil, 2choppedonions, saute it then add 2 chopped beetroots mix well till the raw smell goes . Now pressure cook the same by adding required salt, turmeric and water. In the mean time fry the below ingredients in coconut oil and make a ground paste. First coconut oil, hing(katti) , 4redchilles, urad dhal 2tablespoon after urad dhal turns light brown switchoff the gas and add 3tablespoon grated coconut. Grind to paste with1tsp jeera . Add this paste to the cooked beetroot. Mix well and add cooked thoordhal. Once it boils temper with mustard little urad dhal and curry leaves and hing powder in coconut oil. Goes well with rice and chappati

Indu Murali 
Beet root thair pachadi
Grate beet root add thair ,salt, chopped green chillies mix it nicely if u want to add coconut grind it and add but need 
Add mustard and urad dal in lil oil once splutter add it to pachadi
Tastes nice

Usha J Iyer 
Beetroot poduthvol - 
you will need Beetroot 2-3 No's. Groundnuts - 1/2 cup, coconut 1 fist full
To temper 1Tsp rye 1 tsp ulad dal 1 red chillie. Little oil
Cut beetroots in small cubes n keep. In a kadai add oil n items for tempering. Once the rye sp...See More

Indu Murali 
Beet root cutlet
Grated beetroot 1cup
Ginger garlic paste 1tsp
Onion finely chopped 1/2 cup
Maida 1tbsp
Salt to taste 
Chilli powder 1tsp
Chopped coriander 1tabsp
Mix all the ingredients makes cutlet of ur taste rub it in the bread crumbs deep fry it or shallow fry
Have it with hot kothamalli chutney

Raji Venkatesan 
Beetroot rice - 
cut beetroot into small pieces n boil it. Den in oill temper mustard, urud dal, onion, curryleavrs, sambhar powder, add boiled beetroot , salt to taste., mix it with rice. Garnish with coriander leaves.

Hemalatha Jayaraman 
Beetroot thokku :
Cut beet into big bits and boil in cooker for a whistle. In a pan fry some ulutham paruppu, kadalai paruppu and green/red chillies. Grind all these in a mixie into a fine paste adding required salt. Again in some oil temper kadugu, perungayam and add the ground paste and stir for a few minutes till the oil splashes. If kept in fridge, we can use this for a week.

Raji Venkatesan 
Beetroot masala rice - 
cut beetroot into small cubes n boil. Grind greenchillie, ginger, garlic. Den with ghee n oil fry d grinded paste, add boiled beetroot n salt to taste. Mix with rice. Garnish with coriander leaves , mint leaves n spring onion.

Nirmala Sivaswamy 
Very simple recipe of "Beetroot Curry"
Cut d beet in small pieces. Boil it in Pressure Cooker wd more qnty of water,.Switch Of d gas aftr 7/8 whistles.Drain d water. (Water can b taken as soup whn u add salt n pepper pwdr 2it)Take a kadaai, put oil..thn mustard seeds.let it spluttr..add Urad dhal..whn it turns slightly golden put d beet pieces n fry 4 smetime.Lastly add grated coconut n fry 4 a min.(i add salt 2 any dish aftr remoovn 4m d flame). U can add d same as u do 4 othr dishes.

Lalitha Vijayaraghavon 
Beetroot kuruma: 
cut beetroot into small pieces and cook it with salt. For masala grind ginger, garlic, tomato, coconut, liitle fried gram ( cashew also can be used). grind everything raw. In a kadai put some oil, mustard, allow it to spurt add finely chopped onion and allow it to cook . Now add the masala, salt for this gravy, red chillie powder, dhaniya powder and finally the cooked beet root. Remove from fire when it becomes thick.

Kalyani Raman 
Beet Root Halwa. 
1. Grace beetroot and measure it.
2. Heat a pan and add ghee and roast cashews and raisins and keep aside.
3. In the same pan add ghee , and fry the beet root till it becomes soft and instead of water for boiling we can add milk 
4. when the root dries off add sugar according to the root' s measurement 1:3/4, is enough for me I'll prefer mild sweet only, then we should stir nicely till the sweet oozes out the ghee. 
5. Finally squeeze 1/2 lemon juice and a pinch of salt. Which makes the halwa great with palkova taste. And add some yelakai powder and stir once again. Now halwa with super colour ready to serve

Harini Agaram 
Beetroot satvic kurma. 
Chop beetroot into small cubes . In a pressure pan heat oil add mustard seeds and curry leaves. Chopped tomatoes salt chilli powder dhania powder jeera powder and a little garam masala powder. Stir till tomatoes are soft. Add t chopped beetroot add enough water and close t lid and pressure cook upto 2 whistles. Open lid and simmer. Check t seasoning. Add coarsely ground groundnut and til powder and let it simmer for a few minutes.. Can b enjoyed hot with roti or poori..

Geetha Ramadurai 
Beetroot Raitha--------
grated beet root. saute with usual seasoning of mustard ,jeera and green or red chilly. when cool add to curd. add salt.and corriander leaves. karuveppilai optional.

Padmini Sudarshan 
Beetroot burfi. 
Shred the peeled beetroot. In a pan melt butter. Add the shredded beetroot and saute. After a min , add milk. Allow the beetroot to cook in milk. When beetroot is mushy and cooked, add condensed milk. Stir well as v make for kaju katli. In a plate, grease lil ghee.. Spread chopped nuts. Now pour the beetroot mixture and allow it to cool. And make piece's.

Pushpa Kannan 
Beet root  poriyai..
Grate beet root and add little coconut oil put kadagu urad dal and red chillies add the grated beetroot add salt close it sprinkle little water once its boiled add grated coconut with curry leaves little sugar and serve ..this is called kalyana beetroot kaai ..goes very good with rasam rice sambar and vathakozhambu...also good with curd rice.

Latha Ramachandran 
Beetroot payasam. 
Grate beetroot and fry in Ghee till it cooks. Add sugar Add thick coconutmilk and cream . fry cashew and nuts

Sornalakshmi Kumar 
Beetroot thogayal
Skin peel sai
Kadai oil vittu skin fry sai
Plate la change pannu
Oil vittu black urid dal + dry chillies + curry leaves + coriander leaves + tamarind serthu mix la grind sai + beetroot skin mm adda panne arai thogayal ready

Radha Sundar 
Beet Root Salad
cook beetroot . cut into small tiny pieces. to this add raw chopped onions ,coriander leaves chopped, lime juice, salt,green chilled finely chopped and powdered fried ground nut. mic well and serve. very tasty and easy to make.

Padmaja Rajagopalan 
pressure cook beetroot, remove skin and cut into small pieces. grind coarsely green chilly, coconut, jeera, curry leaves. Kadai, oil, mustard, urad dal, add grounded let it raw smell goes add beetroot, salt saute for few minutes. very tasty beetroot curry.

Lakshmi Shankar 
Simple Kari recipe. 
Cut beetroot into small pieces and cook in pressure cooker. In kadai add mustard seeds and urad dhall. Kaduku vedichathum add onions. Once sautéed add in cooked beetroot, turmeric powder and Chilli powder and salt to taste. Simple and tasty. Can be eaten as side dish with sambar satham

Prema Kannan TIPS : 
Beetroot ye renda cut panni cooker la 2 whistles vittuto cut panna romba easya irukkum. Even colour koota appadiye irukkum.

Chandra Sarma  
Beetroot Morkootu
Cut beetroot into small pieces.In a kadai,preferably coconut oil, add finely chopped onion,sauted add beetroot add salt,turmeric powder,cook till done.grind coconut,jeera greenchilles grind to a paste,add this to the cooked beetroot.let it boil for 2 mins,add 1 cup sour curd,let it boil for a minute,if the consistency is watery add rice flour.Give kadugu,karukappai and red chilly tadka in coconut oil..'can have with paruppu sadam pappadam,also with chappathi,

Poornima Sudarsan 
Beetroot kootu and beetroot rasam: 
grate beetroot add 2 glasses of water n soak the beetroot. Now squeeze out n set aside d water. Kootu: pressure cook beetroot with 1 tomato. Grind coconut jeera n pepper add to d cooked beetroot add required salt hing n curry leaves n let it boil. Tamper with mustard and u.dhal in ghee. Rasam: roast t.dhal jeera n pepper grind it along with tomatoes. To this paste add d beetroot water let it boil until the raw smell goes now add salt hing curry leaves n paruppu jalam once done tamper with mustard finally garnish with coriander leaves. The colour ll look osm smile emoticon

Sujatha Kumar 
Beetroot parantha. 
Boil beetroot peel and make puree. Mix with wheat flour and add salt chilli powder garam masala pd etc and make soft dough. Roll into parathas and cook on tawa.