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Monday, 23 November 2015

Cooking Tips # 20

1. Oil changes its colour leaving black residues when frying poori because of the flour we use for dusting when rolling out. To avoid this, use little oil to roll out so we have clear oil till the last.

2. Use pepper powder instead of chilly powder for making bakshanams( ribbon, omapodi) its gives a nice flavor and is also much healthier than chilly powder.

3. When boiling any vegetable for curry (potato, plaintain,colacasia, yam etc..) chances that it might get overcooked resulting in sticky or smashed curry. once boiled and peeled the skin, cool it completely or keep it in freezer for about half hour. later cut into pieces or grate it and temper for making curry.

4. Cut chow chow and rub against each other.A white sticky paste will be formed.Remove before chopping for curry/kootu.Not sure why we are removing but it is being followed so long in our house.

5. Mix quarter portion of powdered black chenna to wheat flour when making chapathi. It tastes good and is also good for diabetics.

6.when making home made paneer, add a cup of curd instead of lemon juice. This yields more quantity of paneer.

7. When making puli kaachal, Add salt only after the tamarind water gets cooked completely and is reduced to half. When adding initially, it will get stuck to the bottom so we might have to mix it without taking hands.
8.Do not cut and store onions. It has the tendency to absorb bacteria in the environment. So cut and use immediately.

Posted by Saranya Simhan on 24/01/2015