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Friday, 20 November 2015

Panneer 65

Posted by Muralidharan Varadharajan on 20/11/2015 @ Aaharam

Panneer dry 65

Cut panner in to small square pieces and dry them for half an hour.  Grind two pieces of green chilly, ginger, garlic and pour in to a bowl add half cup maidha, quarter cup rice flour, one spoon corn flour, one spoon kashmir red chilly powder taste to salt., pinch of garam Masala, pour little water mix it well and add all the pieces of panneer in to the bowl and mix the gravies r spread in to the panneer and keep them half an hour for the essence of paste mixed with panneer

Keep a kadai with sufficient oil, once the oil get heated put the panneer one by one and fry them for five minutes.  Garnish the panneer with fried golden colour finely cut onion pieces and curry leaves.  Keep them in smaller quantity with four or five plates and serve one by one plate, because being the softness and tastes of panneer first batch of your family members will close every thing, remaining persons r also enjoy the beautiful panneer 65