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Saturday, 21 November 2015


Posted by Anuradha Prasanna on 14/09/2015


Pudina: 1/2bunch
Coriander: 1/4bunch
Tomato(sour): 2big
Tamarind Water(medium Lemon sized): 2cups(not too thick or too watery)
Homemade Rasam Powder or Store bought: 2tbsp
Toor Dal: 1tsp
Red Chilli: 1
Peppercorn's: 1/2tsp
Jeera: 1tsp
Garlic Pods: 5
Turmeric Powder: A pinch
Salt as required

(As Mentioned Quantity In The Ingredients)
Toor Dal
Red Chilli
1.5 Tomato
Garlic Pods
Oil: 1.5tsp

Mustard Seeds: 1/2tsp
Curry Leaves: 1/2sprig
Coriander Leaves(finely chopped)

Soak the tamarind in 2cups of water(may be luke warm water), extract the tamarind water and keep aside.  In a small kadai, heat oil, fry the grinding ingredients except coriander leaves, tomato and garlic pods !  Saute the pudina leaves just for a 1/2min.  Grind all the above with little water to a smooth paste consistency.  Chop the remaining half of the tomato into cubes and finely chopped coriander leaves.  Now splutter the mustard seeds with the same oil already used for frying the grinding ingredients, add in the extracted Tamarind Water, cubed tomato, curry leaves(2 or 3 leaves), little finely chopped coriander leaves(keep the remaining curry leaves and coriander leaves to garnish in the end), turmeric powder, rasam powder(I used homemade rasam powder), salt and the grounded paste.  Boil till the raw smell goes off on low flame, in this stage you can add little water if needed(I didn't add), if needed add salt too(I always add little salt in the beginning, just to check the taste).  Switch off the stove and garnish with the remaining curry leaves and coriander leaves.  Enjoy the hot piping PUDINA CORIANDER PEPPER RASAM as soup for the starter or with hot rice. 

Boiling Rasam half a minute more gives you perfect consistency.  Always keep the flame on low.  Adding curry leaves and coriander leaves while boiling and in the end gives you perfect taste.  Adding the rasam powder and any grounded paste to the tamarind water in the beginning, before the raw smell goes off, gives you perfect taste and blends evenly(boiling time consuming).