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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Ashgourd Kheer

Recipe : Ashgourd Kheer
Shared by : Indira Ashokshah
Dated : 23/11/2014

1/2 kg ashgourd..grated ( squeez water)
1/2 ltr milk ( thick)
1/4 kg sugar
1 teaspoon khuskgus
4 teaspoon grated dry copra
10 cashew
10 raisins
6 strands safforn
4 cardamom...
In a kadai add khuskhus fry till pink..add copra safforn n cardamom fry for a second n powder it.
In the same kadai add 2 spoons of ghee add cashew when it turns pink add raisins...add grated n squeezed ashgourd fry till light pink.  Boil milk.. Add sugar and allow it to thicken a little..add powdered khus khus...fried ashgourd and boil for a few seconds..allow it to cool..  Tastes very good....

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