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Monday, 8 December 2014


Shared by : Girijamani Lakshmanan
Dated : 23/11/2014 

Ingredients : 
Pooshanikkai. (Vella pushani) 250 gms
Karamani ( prumpayar dried) - 1 cup
Green chillies 4 nos
Coconut milk - extracted from one moodi thengai (big one)
Coconut oil 1tablespoon
Salt to taste
Extracting coconut milk: grated coconut kernels put it in mixie and with little quantity of water grind it. Put it in a muslin cloth and squeeze the milk. This is the first milk keep it aside. Again add the same coconut and water grind it. Squeeze the milk as i said earlier. You will get the second milk. Keep it separately. Again add the same coconut in mixie add water and grind. Repeat the same procedure you will get the third milk.
Keep aside the three types of milk separately which will be used in the cooking.
Soak the karamani for 2 hours and pressure cook with required salt. Karamani must not be overcooked. One whistle will be enough. Drain out the excess water.
Cut the pushanikkai into small cubes. Boil the pushanikkai, green chillies cut into two pieces in third coconut milk with required salt. When the pushanikkai is half cooked add the karamani. Add the second coconut milk also to it. Cook the Pushanikkai till the water gets evaporated. See that pushanikkai must not be overcooked. When it is done add the first thick coconut milk stir for a minute and off the gas. You must not boil the vegetables with first milk.
Garnish with karuveppilai and add the coconut oil to the dish.
Yummy yummy olan is ready.
Note : no turmeric powder and seasoning required for the dish. Colour of the dish is slightly creamish. According to each one of your taste can add or reduce chillies.

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