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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Cooking Tips-3

Samayal Tips # 3 : 
சமையல் டிப்ஸ் 

(Now this is posted in English so that all members can make use)
1) While making ginger-garlic paste, the quantity of Ginger-Garlic should be in the ratio 5:3 so that, it would give exact aroma to the dish.
2) While making Tamrind paste, it is not necessary to use warm water. Just take some salt and add to the tamarind and keep it ready. While making the paste, the entire tamarind sour taste would be ready.
3) Normally people will apply salt over coconut and keep it for usage. Best is cut the coconut into pieces, put it in a plastic cover and keep in freezer. When needed, take the required quantity of cut pieces of coconut and put in water.. after 5 or 10 minutes, you can use it with same taste.
4) While making Thenga-paal (Coconut-Milk) for Aappam, just add 1 or 2 Cardamom while grinding the coconut. It gives perfect taste to the milk.
5) Do not worry about excess Drumsticks.... Cut into 3 inch size the Drumstick, wrap it in a cloth bag and keep it in freezer. The freshness would be available for more than a week's time.
6) Fear of insects / worm in Rice/Wheat/Maida flour ??? dont worry... Just take a Brinji-Leaf and put in the container. Insects gaayab !!!!
7) Worried of the change of colour in the bottom of Pressure cooker?... Add a piece of lemon and vinegar in water and boil it, colour vanishes and will be shining as a new smile emoticon
8) Remove the top portion of Green-chilly and store in an steel box inside the Refrigerator for long usages.. This would keep green-chilly fresh for more than 15 to 20 days...

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