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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Tender Coconut Payasam

Shared by : Radha Venkatesh
Dated : 15/01/2015

Tender coconut water (elaneer) - 1 CUP
Tender coconut pulp - 1 CUP
Condensed milk – 2- 3 tbs
Full cream Milk – 1 CUP
Cashew nuts – 5-6 roasted in ghee.
For Garnishing – chopped Tender Coconut Pulp, Saffron strands.

Mix together the Tender coconut water and the Pulp. Blend it into a coarse paste .In a bowl Add the full cream milk and condensed milk, and add the paste of tender coconut and tender coconut water in it. Add the roasted Cashew. Then refrigerate for 1 hr.
Before serving add a table spoon of chopped tender coconut pulp, garnish it with Saffron strands. Serve it in Shot Glass. Serve Cool.  You can add cardamom powder, almond, coconut milk to enhance the flavor and richer.(optional)

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