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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Cooking Tips-8

Cooking Tips by Saranya Simhan

1. To extract tomato puree instantly, cut the tomato into two and grate on a carrot grater.
2. When grinding idly dosa batter, grind urad dhal first and then the rice. This will ease the cleaning process. Make sure to fluff the urad dhal mixture before adding the rice batter.
3. For making parupusili, grindly coarse the dhals with spices and mix with vegetables(beans,carrot,plaintain flower etc) and store it in fridge in a cooker container. Just steam it, cool it, and break the lumps and temper in a pan. This will save time in the early mornings and also consumes very less oil.
Mix besan flour with salt,hing,turmeric, chilly powder, turmeric and water to make it like a bajji batter. Temper in a pan and add this mixture..and keep stirring till it gets cooked.. it will form small lumps. Add cooked vege and give a quick mix. UNplanned instant parupusili with no grinding.
4. For making flavourful masala vadas , add dil leaves instead of saunf. (sombu keerai instead of sombu)
5. Mix porridge mix(kanji maavu) with little salt ,asfoetida and add water to make it a dosa batter consistency.steam it like idlis and break it. Can be taken as snacks as such or mix with vegetables and temperings just like paruppu usili. As none of us at home have big likings for kanji , we make like this and have !!
6.when making sugar syrup, add little milk when the mixture starts to boil.. and remove the dirt floating on top. Repeat till we get a pure solution before seeing string consistency for sweets.

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