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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Rumali Roti

Recipe : Rumali Roti
Shared by : Radha Natarajan S
Dated : 18/01/2015
A very popular Indian thin flat bread, Roomali roti and so called as the name Roomali means handkerchief, this flatbread is so thin and soft , it can be folded like a kerchief.
The usual way of cooking this thin flatbread is on the convex side of an inverted Indian griddle. Usually maida is used but we avoid it as much a spossible, whole wheat roomali rotis are just as great as the maida ones.
My recipe uses 100 percent wholewheat flour . I got very thin fluffy layered roti , easy to split and fold.
2 cups whole wheat flour
Pinch of salt.
Water to make soft pliable dough.
2 tbsp of rice flour for dusting the flatbreads before rolling out to bigger discs.
Some oil/ghee to smear on the small discs of rotis.
Method :
Make a soft pliable smooth dough with ingredients and cover with a kitchen towel to rest for 15 minutes .
Then knead once more to a smooth texture, pinch off a small ball and make that into two balls for one roti. Roll each small ball into a small circular disc, , apply the rice flour or maida on one and smear some oil/ghee on both discs . Cover them together and roll them as thin as possible but not with too much force , then you will not be able to separate the thin layer on the roti. I allow the roti to fully puff up so it becomes easy to split the roti into two perfectly.
See the pic
Cook the roti on a very hot tava /griddle and keep flipping them fast to prevent darkening. They can even puff up as we placed tow rotis on one it is likely to puff which make sit easy to split the layer.
Remove and then when little cooled, split the roti from the edges into two thin rumali , like rotis, as thin as handkerchiefs.
Stack these together and keep covered with a clean soft towel to keep them soft.

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