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Saturday, 24 January 2015


Kozhukkattai forms an important food, which is offered During all the festivals. There are different methods of making kozhukkattai, but the method described here is traditional old, which my granny explained to me. I have given here the exact method of making the stuff, which be please be tried to get a good form.
Raw rice 1/2 cups (First soak the rice in water for about 1 and half hour and grind to paste in Dosa batter consistency)
Salt ( a pinch)
Ghee - 2 ts
Milk - 1/2 cup
water - 1 & 1/2 cup
Grind raw rice into fine paste. In a bowl take 1 & 1/2 cup water, and 1/2 cup milk and mix rice flour, ghee and a pinch of salt together. Heat the batter in a pan (preferably non stick) and keep stirring without any lumps, till it forms a dough consistency. In a wet muslin cloth or thin cloth, keep the dough, tie and keep it aside.
For Sweet Poornam (Stuffing)
Fresh Grated Coconut - 1 cup
Jaggery - 1 cup
Elachi (Cardamom) - 3 nos (grinded to poweder)
Ghee - 4 to 5 ts
Water - 3/4 cup (less than jaggery)
Put the Jaggery in a heavy bottomed vessel and add water and boil it. Remove dusts and mud if any. Boil for another 2 minutes and add cocunut and stir well still it sticks. Add elachi powder and ghee and stir well. If you could take some, it should be able to be rolled out. Take out from the stove and allow it to cool. Make small small balls (Half the size of the lemon) and keep aside.
Take the cooked rice dough tied in the cloth. Sprinkle little water and apply some oil in your hands. Take the dough and knead it till it becomes like a soft ball. Apply oil in your hands and flatten it so that it becomes circular and forms like a cup. Fill the Poornam Stuffing inside and make it in the form of Kozhukkattai. Place all the Kozhukkattai in the Cooker Idli plates and steam boil for 10 to 15 minutes. When fully cooked, remove and place in a Plate and offer to Lord Ganpathi first and serve hot to all....!!!!

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